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the main list

all songs written by or credited to John Winston Lennon and James Paul McCartney excepted as noted

A Day in the Life
Hey Jude
- George Harrison
A Hard Day's Night
Hold Me Tight
Please Please Me
Across the Universe
Honey Pie
Polythene Pam
All I've Got to Do
How Do You Do It?
- Mitch Murray
- Recorded by The Beatles first in 1962 but not released at the time
All My Loving
I Am the Walrus
Real Love
- John Lennon
All Things Must Pass
- George Harrison
- first recorded by The Beatles in 1969
I Call Your Name
- First recorded and released by Billy J. Kramer And The Dakotas
Revolution – All Versions
All Together Now
I Don't Want to Spoil the Party
Rocky Raccoon
All You Need Is Love
I Feel Fine
Run for Your Life
And I Love Her
I Me Mine
- George Harrison
Savoy Truffle
- George Harrison
And Your Bird Can Sing
I Need You
- George Harrison
Sexy Sadie
Another Girl
I Saw Her Standing There
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
Any Time at All
I Should Have Known Better
She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
Ask Me Why
I Wanna Be Your Man
- First recorded by The Rolling Stones
She Loves You - Sie Liebt Dich
Baby You're a Rich Man
I Want to Hold Your Hand - Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand
She Said She Said
Baby's in Black
I Want to Tell You
- George Harrison
She's a Woman
Back in the U.S.S.R.
I Want You (She's So Heavy)
She's Leaving Home
I Will
- George Harrison
Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite
If I Fell
Strawberry Fields Forever
If I Needed Someone
- George Harrison
Sun King
If You Got Troubles
- George Harrison
Blue Jay Way
- George Harrison

I'll Be Back
Teddy Boy
- Paul McCartney
Can't Buy Me Love
I'll Cry Instead
Tell Me What You See
Carry That Weight
- first recorded by Trash
I'll Follow the Sun
Tell Me Why
Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
- George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr

I'll Get You
Thank You Girl
Come and Get It
- Paul McCartney
- first released version by Badfinger
I'm a Loser
That Means a Lot
Come Together
I'm Down
The Ballad of John and Yoko
Cry Baby Cry
I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
Cry for a Shadow
- George Harrison, John Lennon
- Instrumental
I'm Looking Through You
The End
Day Tripper
I'm Only Sleeping
The Fool on the Hill
Dear Prudence
I'm So Tired
The Inner Light
- George Harrison
Dig a Pony
In My Life
The Long and Winding Road
Dig It
- George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr
It Won't Be Long
The Night Before
Do You Want to Know a Secret
It's All Too Much
- George Harrison
The Word
Don't Bother Me
- George Harrison
It's Only Love
There's a Place
Don't Let Me Down
- with Billy Preston
I've Got a Feeling
Things We Said Today
Don't Pass Me By
- Ringo Starr
I've Just Seen a Face
Think for Yourself
- George Harrison
Dr. Robert
This Boy
Drive My Car
Lady Madonna
Ticket to Ride
Eight Days a Week
Let It Be
Tomorrow Never Knows
Eleanor Rigby
Like Dreamers Do
- originally recorded by The Applejacks
Two of Us
Every Little Thing
Little Child
Various Medleys Of Abbey Road
Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey
Long, Long, Long
- George Harrison
Various Medleys Of Beatle Songs
Fixing a Hole
Love Me Do
- George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr
- Instrumental
Love You To
- George Harrison
We Can Work It Out
For No One
Lovely Rita
What Goes On
- John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr
For You Blue
- George Harrison
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
What You're Doing
Free as a Bird
- George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr
Magical Mystery Tour
When I Get Home
From Me to You
Martha My Dear
When I'm Sixty-Four
Get Back
- with Billy Preston
Maxwell's Silver Hammer
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
- George Harrison
Getting Better
Mean Mr. Mustard
Why Don't We Do It in the Road
Wild Honey Pie
Glass Onion
- first recorded by Kenny Lynch
With A Little Help From My Friends
Golden Slumbers
- First release by Trash  1969
Mother Nature's Son
Within You Without You
- George Harrison
Good Day Sunshine
No Reply
Yellow Submarine
Good Morning Good Morning
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
Yer Blues
Good Night
Not a Second Time
Yes it Is
Got to Get You Into My Life
Nowhere Man
Happiness Is a Warm Gun
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
You Can't Do That
Hello Goodbye
Octopus's Garden
- Ringo Starr
You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)
Hello Little Girl
- First released by The Fourmost
Oh! Darling
You Know What to Do
- George Harrison
Old Brown Shoe
- George Harrison
You Like Me Too Much
- George Harrison
Helter Skelter
One After 909
You Never Give Me Your Money
Her Majesty
Only a Northern Song
- George Harrison
You Won't See Me
Here Comes the Sun
- George Harrison
P.S. I Love You
Your Mother Should Know
Here, There and Everywhere
Paperback Writer
You're Gonna Lose That Girl
Hey Bulldog
Penny Lane
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away


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over 32,000 listings
either Beatles originals [includes songs written or performed by The Beatles or Beatles members] covered by someone else including live performances not commercially released (youtube)
or songs originally done by someone else and covered by the Beatles
[OV] indicates the original version of a song covered by the Beatles
[T] Beatles Tribute Band or Beatles Cover Band
[F] non-english version
there are may YouTube videos of live performance by cover/tribute bands, public performance by groups and individuals posting their versions of Beatles songs not listed here
many groups have similar names or are referred to by different version of their names making it confusing
finding non-english versions or performer is difficult not knowing the correct title (thanks google translate)
many artist for Pickin' On – Panflute – Chapman Stick with those names or similar for the artist or album names
^song writers^ - ^JL^ = John Lennon - ^PM^ = Paul McCartney - ^GH^ = George Harrison - ^RS^ = Ringo Starr/Richard Starkey


This is an old archived list from a web site that no longer exists

#9 Dream (VA, USA) Chris Mason (England) Not The Beatles (MA, USA)
1964 - The Tribute (OH, USA) Chris Tassone (Canada) Not The Beatles (England)
3 Savile Row (OH, USA) The Chrobáky (Slovak Republic) Nowhere Band (Brazil)
The 5th Beatle (England) Clandestine (AZ, USA) Nowhere Band (Chile)
Abbey Road (Belgium) The Clarks (Netherlands) Nowhere Band (Italy)
Abbey Road (Brazil) Classic Beatles (Ireland) Nowhere Men (Italy)
Abbey Road (Canada) Classical Mystery Tour (NV, USA) The Nowhere Men (TX, USA)
Abbey Road (CT, USA) Cloud 9 (Nube 9) (Argentina) The Nowhere Men (WA, USA)
Abbey Road (Ohio, USA) Clube Big Beatles (Brazil) Nube 9 (Cloud 9) (Argentina)
Abbey Road (Spain) Come and Get It: The Badfinger Experience(CA, USA) Number Nine (GA, USA)
Abbey Road Band (SD, USA) Come Together (OK, USA) Number Nine (PA, USA)
Abbey Road Live! (GA, USA) Come Together (PA, USA) Ob-La-Di, La-Da (NY, USA)
Absurds (England) Comitatus (Brazil) Obsesja (Poland)
Acústika (Brazil) Copy Band - The Beatles (Japan) Octopus's Garden (MA, USA)
Adamsapple (NY, USA) Counterfeit Beatles (England) The Offbeats (California)
AfterBeat (France) Creme Tangerine (WA, USA) Other Beatles (England)
Aggeu Marques (Brazil) Cry Babies (Japan) Overtures (England)
Alan Swoffer (England) Danger Four (Uruguay) Ox (Argentina)
Aleph (Mexico) Dark Horse Band (Brazil) Paperback (Argentina)
Alltogether Band (Spain) Dark Horses (England) Paperback Band (Brazil)
All Together Now (NH, USA) Darmstadt Beatles (Germany) Paperback Beatles (England)
All You Need Is Love (Canada) A Day In The Life (France) Paperbacks (Italy)
Alma de Goma (Mexico) Day Tripper (Canada) Pangea (Czech Republic)
Almost Fab (PA, USA) Day Tripper (NV, USA) Parlophones (England)
American English (IL, USA) Daytrippers (HI, USA) Parrots (Japan)
AnoTher Time (FL, USA) The Daytrippers (CA, USA) Los Pasantes (Spain)
Anthology (Brazil) The DayTrippers (NY, USA) Passed Masters (IL, USA)
Apple (Argentina) DEF (Turkey) Patchwork (France)
Apple (CA,USA) Det Betales (Norway) Penny Lane (LA, USA)
AppleBand (Denmark) Domenic's Accordion Beatles Page (Canada) Penny Lane Band (Brazil)
Apple Beatles (England) The Dominos (France) Penrose Lane (WA, USA)
Apple Core (WI, USA) Dontacos (Japan) Pepperband (Brazil)
Apple Cream (Argentina) Double Fantasy (NJ, USA) PepperBand (Denmark)
Apple Jam (Japan) Efe Susmano (Argentina) Pepperland (Brazil)
The Apple Pie (Japan) Eggmen (England) Pepperland (MO, USA)
Apple Pies (Italy) Eggmen (TX, USA) Pepperland (Sweden)
Apple Scruffs (Italy) Eight Day's A Week (MD, USA) Pete Santora (NY, USA)
Arthur Live (CA, USA) Eight Day's A Week (OH, USA) Phoney Beatles (England)
Back Beat (OH, USA) Eleanor Rigby Experience (England) Pimienta (Brazil)
Back to The Beatles (Italy) Los Escarabajos (Spain) Plastic Beatles (England)
Back-A-Bone (Japan) Esposizione (Italy) Plastic Sole (NY, USA)
Backbeat (Mexico) Fab (Japan) Plastic Soul (Brazil)
Backbeat (NV, USA) The Fab (NV, USA) Plastic Soul (NY, USA)
Backbeat Beatles (England) The Fab 2 (England) Plasticwings (TX, USA)
BackBeatles (Brazil) The Fab 4 (England) Please (Japan)
BackBeats (CA, USA) The Fab 4 (CO, USA) The Posers (Sweden)
Backwards (Slovak Republic) Fab 40 (CA, USA) The Postman (Poland)
Bad Boys (Japan) The Fab 5 (Japan) Prefab Four (England)
Baetles (England) The Fab 5 (TX, USA) The Prellies (England)
Band on the Run (IL, USA) The Fab Beat (NC, USA) Punkles (Germany)
Bandit Beatles (England) The Fab Beatles (England) Quarrelmen (Australia)
Banned On The Run (England) The Fab Faux (NY, USA) Quarrymen (Argentina)
Barry and the Backbeats (Germany) The Fab Five (NY, USA) Quarrymen (Italy)
BBCtles (Austria) Fab Four (Australia) Rabeats (France)
BBC Tribute (CA, USA) The Fab Four (CA, USA) Rain (CA & NV, USA)
The Beadles (NJ, USA) Fab Four Beatles Replay Band (Germany) Rain (Japan)
Beafore (Germany) Fab Replay (France) Rangzen (Italy)
The Beagles (Brazil) Fab Revival (Brazil) Les Rapaces (France)
Beagles (Japan) Fab Two (Scotland) Realize (Japan)
Beanes (Japan) The FabFour (Canada) ReBeatles (Germany)
The BearTales (Belgium) The Fables (CO, USA) Rebeats (OH, USA)
The Beat Beatles (England) Fabmania (DE & NJ, USA) Reeperbahn (Argentina)
The Beatboys (Mexico) The Fabs (Argentina) Remember Beatles (Brazil)
The Beatbrothers (England) The Fab Three (FL, USA) Remnants (NY, USA)
Beat Brothers (Japan) The Fabulous Wannabeatles (Netherlands) Renegade (England)
The Beat Club (MI, USA) Fabz (Scotland) Repeatles (Sweden)
The Beaters (NJ, USA) Fake Beatles (England) Replay (Canada)
Beathoven Brothers (Hungary) Fleatles (MN, USA) Return (GA, USA)
Beat The Meetles (Denmark) Flying Elephants (Japan) The Revivals (NY, USA)
The Beat (Brazil) Flying Horses (Japan) Revolution (Brazil)
The Beatall (Italy) Fools On The Hill (Finland) Revolution (CA, USA)
The Beatalls (England) Forever Fab (MI, USA) Revolution (Costa Rica)
The Beatals (Australia) Forever The Tribute (IN, USA) Revolution (NJ, USA)
Beatcombers (Scotland) For Sale (Argentina) Revolution Four (Mexico)
Beatcombers (CA, USA) La Fragua (Argentina) Revolution Pie (OH, USA)
The Beatels (Australia) Frankie Goes To Liverpool (Germany) Revolver (Chile)
The Beatels (England) Friends (Brazil) Revolver (IL, USA)
The Beatlads (AL, USA) Gary Gibson (England) Revolver (i) (Italy)
Beatleg (Japan) Gary and the Moondogs (PA, USA) Revolver (ii) (Italy)
Beatlegacy (NY, USA) Gav Pring (George Harry's Son) (England & IL, USA) Revolver (OR, USA)
Beatlegras (TX, USA) Geatles (Japan) Revolver (NJ, USA)
Beatle Invasion (MA, USA) Get Back (Brazil) Revolver (WA, USA)
Beatlejuice (MA, USA) Get Back (Finland) Revolver 2000 (Canada)
Beatlemagic (NY, USA) Get Back (France) Revolver Band (Brazil)
Beatlemania (Chile) GetBack! Cast of Beatlemania (TN, USA) Rich Jordan (England)
Beatlemania (England) Get Back Trio (Argentina) Richard Sherman - Just Like Lennon (England)
Beatlemania (MA, USA) The Getting (Japan) Rickettes (Japan)
Beatlemania (Venezuela) Give Us A Kiss (MI, USA) The Rigbys (KT, USA)
Beatlemania Again (NJ, USA) The Glaciers (KS, USA) Ringer (Scotland)
Beatlemania Now (PA, USA) The Glass Onion (Czech Republic) Riverpool (Japan)
Beatlemaniacs (Canada) The Glass Onion (IL, USA) Roaches (Italy)
Beatlemaniacs (England) The Glass Onion (MA, USA) The Roadrunners (NJ, USA)
BeatlemaniYeah (PA, USA) The Goggles (Spain) The Rockers (Argentina)
Beatlemen (Chile) Grafite (Brazil) Rockshow (IL, USA)
Beatlesex (NY, USA) Grapes (Netherlands) Rolando Giambelli (Italy)
Beatle Sound (Netherlands) Green Village (Sweden) Roots (Japan)
Beatle Tracks (MA, USA) Hal Bruce (Canada) Rubber Soul (Brazil)
Beât Lès (Italy) Hamburg Daze (Isle of Man) Rubber Soul (Canada)
Beatles 2000 (Denmark) A Hard Day's Band (Chile) Rubber Soul (England)
Beatles 4ever (Brazil) A Hard Day's Band (Sweden) Rubber Soul (Japan)
Beatles Again (Brazil) Hard Day's Night (CA, USA) Rubber Soul (MN, USA)
Beatles Bros (IL, USA) Hard Day's Night (NC, USA) Rubber Soul (MS, USA)
Beatles Cover Club (Austria) Hard Day's Night (Ohio, USA) Rubber Soul (NY, USA)
Beatles Earcandy (NY, USA) Hard Day's Night (VA, USA) Rubber Soul (PA, USA)
Beatles Ensemble (IL, USA) Hard Night's Day (TX, USA) Rubber Soul (WV, USA)
The Beatles For Sale (Wales) Hare Georgeson (England) Rubber Soul (TX, USA)
Beatles Four Ever Show (Germany) Hello Goodbye (FL, USA) Rubber Sound Beatles Band (Brazil)
Beatles Fun Club Band (Brazil) Help! (CA, USA) RubberBand (Denmark)
Beatles History (France) Help! (Canada) Rutles (England)
Beatles In Senna (Brazil) Help! (Mexico) Sadie (Japan)
Beatles On Bass (OH, USA) Help! (MA, USA) Sam Buttera (Argentina)
Beatles Revival (Brazil) Heyah (Brazil) Sanseido (Japan)
The Beatles Revival (Czech Republic) Hey Bulldog (France) Santanchi (Japan)
Beatles Revival Band (Croatia) Hey Dudes (France) Sargento Morsa (Spain)
Beatles Revival Band (Germany) Heyhoes (Japan) Scarabs (GA, USA)
The Beatless (Brazil) Hinemoss (Japan) Scott Wheeler (MA, USA)
Beatless (Czech Republic) Hocus Pocus (Brazil) Scrambled Soul (Japan)
The Beatless (England) I Buried Paul (PA, USA) Secrets (Japan)
The Beatless (Norway) Imagine (CA,USA) Seltaeb (Japan)
BeatleStock (NY, USA) Imagine John Lennon (Australia) The Seltaeb (Republic of Georgia)
Beatles Story (France) Imagine John Lennon: The Tribute (MO, USA) Sessions (Japan)
The Beatles Tribute Band (England) Imagine: Remembering The Fab Four (UT, USA) Sgt Pepper (Netherlands)
The Beatles Tribute Band (Spain) Imagine... The Beatles (England) Sgt Pepper's Band (Brazil)
Beatles Unlimited (Austria) Instant Beatles (England) Sgt Pepper's Lonely Sax Quartet (Germany)
Beatlets (Japan) Instant Karma (Australia) Sgt Pepper's Only Dart Board Band (England)
Beatlso (Japan) Instant Karma (England) The Shakes (Argentina)
The BeatNecks (AL, USA) Instant Karma (IL, USA) Shoes (Scotland)
Beatnix (Australia) Invaders (TN, USA) Shout! (MI, USA)
BeaTrips (Japan) The Invaders (WI, USA) The Shouts (Argentina)
Beatrose (Japan) The Invasion (CA, USA) Shuffles (Italy)
The Beats (Argentina) Itchycoo Park (Scotland) Silverbeat (Argentina)
The Beats (NY, USA) J.T.G. (Japan) The Silver Beats (Japan)
Beatvox (Japan) Jacaranda (Japan) The Silver Beats (Uruguay)
The Beatwater Tribute (MD, USA) Jan Owen (NY, USA) Silver Beatles (England)
Beetle (TX, USA) John & Paul (Canada) Silver Beatles (Germany)
Beetles (Japan) John-Boy & The Waltons (Netherlands) Silver Beetles (RI, USA)
The Beetles (OH, USA) John Lennon Experience (England) Silver Hammer (FL, USA)
Beetles UK (England) Johnny Silver and The John Lennon Revival Band (Germany) Silver Seatles (Japan)
The Beez (Brazil) John The Tribute (TN, USA) The Silvers (Argentina)
Beladies (Argentina) JonLen (Israel) Simply Fab (IL, USA)
Bel Air (Uruguay) The Jukebox (Puerto Rico) Simply Paul (IL, USA)
Beso Negro (Peru) Just John & Paul (England) Sir Paul (IL, USA)
The Bestbeat (Serbia) Kazakhstan Beatles (Kazakhstan) Snails (Moldova)
Las Bestias (Argentina) The Key (Argentina) Sparky (England)
The Best of Beatlemania (MA, USA) Lawrence Gilmour (Scotland) The Speedles (England)
The Better (Thailand) The Leatles (Argentina) Stars On 45 (Netherlands)
Big Bang Beatles Band (NY, USA) Legends of Yesterday (NV, USA) The Station (Argentina)
Bill Popp (NY, USA) Len 'n' McCartney Band (England) Stingless (Italy)
Billy Shears (England) Lennon Memorial Band (Hungary) Stockwood (IL, USA)
Billy Shears Band (Scotland) Lenny Pane (Sweden) Stone Fox (Australia)
Birthday (England) Leo Chamorro (Argentina) Strawberryfields (Japan)
De Bitters (Uruguay) Let Hit Be (France) Strawberry Fields Forever (NY, USA)
Black Olives (England & Moldova) Let It Be (FL, USA) The Sun Kings (CA, USA)
Blackbird (Argentina) Let It Beatle (England) Swing (Norway)
Blackbird (Brazil) Let It Be Beatles (Australia) Symmetric Zebras (CA, USA)
Blackbird (VA, USA) Les Lionceaux (France) The Taxmen (CT, USA)
The BlackBirds (Hungary) Live -n- Let Die (FL, USA) Taz (England)
Blasfemos de Galia (Argentina) LiverBeat (Brazil) The Tearaways (CA, USA)
Blue Jay Band (Italy) Liverpool (KS, USA) Teddy Boys (Japan)
Blue Meanies (England) Liverpool (NY, USA) That Sixties Band (OH, USA)
Blue Meanies (Mexico) Liverpool (Sweden) The Threetles (TN, USA)
Blue Meanies (NY, USA) Liverpool Four (Canada) Ticket To Ride (OH, USA)
The Boatles (France) Liverpool Legends (IL, USA) Ticket To The Beatles (MO, USA)
Bogus Beatles (England) The Lone Scarab (Canada) Tribute To The Beatles (Czech Republic)
The Boom Beatles Revival Band & Orchestra(Czech Republic) Long Live The Beatles (NJ, USA) Tripper (Scotland)
Bootleg Beatles (England) Los Beat 3 (Venezuela) Trippers (Japan)
The Bootlegs (NY, USA) The Lose Beat (Japan) Tunel Do Tempo (Brazil)
Bootles (England) Lucy in the Sky (Germany) Twist and Shout (IL, USA)
The Bootles (Germany) Ludwig Beatles (England) Twist and Shout (NV, USA)
The Bottles (France) Lyrics Beatles (Argentina) Twist and Shout (New Zealand)
Bottles (Sweden) Machine Guns (Brazil) Two Of Us (Italy)
The Boys (CA, USA) Mac Tac Special (Japan) Two Of Us (Netherlands)
The Boys of Beatlemania (CO, USA) Mad Dogs (Brazil) Two Of Us (PA, USA)
BR69 (Brazil) Madera Nouega (Norwegian Wood) (Paraguay) Two of Us (Sweden)
Brazilian Beetles (Brazil) Magical Mystery Band (Brazil) Ulf Lindeberg (Sweden)
The Bricks (Japan) Magical Mystery Band (Italy) La Unidad (Colombia)
BritBeat (IL, USA) Magical Mystery Band (Venezuela) Upbeat Beatles (England)
The Britins (WI, USA) Magister (France) Urban Crow (Finland)
British Export (IL,USA) Mal Evans Memorial Band (Netherlands) Vergas (Italy)
British Invasion (FL, USA) Mark Staycer (MI, USA) The Walrus (Argentina)
British Invasion (OK, USA) Max (Ringo) Frudd (England) Walrus (Japan)
BritishMania (NJ, USA) Me And My Monkey (TX, USA) The Walrus (WA, USA)
The British Revolution (IL, USA) Meatles (Japan) Walrus Submarine (LA, USA)
The Britles (IL, USA) Meet The Beetles (IL, USA) The Wanderers (CA, USA)
The Brits (NY, USA) Mendips (Japan) The Wheezles (Canada)
Brouci (Czech Republic/Slovakia) Mersey Beat (Canada) White Album Ensemble (CA, USA)
The B-Sides (Brazil) Mersey Beatles (England) Wild Honey Pie (Belgium)
Bugles (Czech Republic) The MerseyBeat (NY, USA) Wildlife (WA, USA)
The Bugs (Croatia) MerseyBeat Legends (England) Wings Over Brazil (Brazil)
Bugs (Italy) Merseyside (TN, USA) Wingspan (England)
Bugs (Japan) Mini Beats (Germany) The Winnerys (Spain)
The But (Germany) Miss Take (Argentina) Wishing (Japan)
Butties (VT, USA) Mock Turtlenecks (Scotland) With The Beatles (Belgium)
Buttles (England) Moondogs (Canada) Wonderous Stories (NY, USA)
Carnaby Street (France) Moondogs (Japan) Wonderwall (NC, USA)
Carnaby Street (NJ, USA) Mopheads (IL, USA) The Word (NY, USA)
The CAST of Beatlemania (CT, USA) The Mop Top Beatles (Wales) Working Class Hero (CA, USA)
The Cast of BeatleMania (USA) Moptops (CA, USA) Xylo Tempo (Belgium)
Cavern (England) Morsa (Mexico) Yellow Submarine (MA, USA)
The Cavern Beat (IL, USA) Musica Expresiva (Venezuela) Yellow Sub Band (Mexico)
Cavern Beatles (England) The Mystical Majesty Band (NJ, USA) Yes It Is (Germany)
Cavern Kittens (USA) Naughty Boys (Japan) Yesterday (PA, USA)
Cavern-64 (Sweden) The Needles (Argentina) Yesterday and Today (Brazil)
The Caverners (Argentina) Nestor Zalazar (Argentina) Yesterday and Today (IN, USA)
The Caverners (Canada) New Invaders (IL, USA) Yesterday and Today (NY, USA)
Cecilia Mendez Band (Argentina) Newspaper Taxi (DE, USA) Yesterday's Tomorrow (NC, USA)
The Centuries Turners (Germany) No Mersey (NY, USA) Zeatles (New Zealand)
Chantal (Germany) Norwegian Wood (Madera Nouega) (Paraguay) ZUKI Rock and Roll Band (Poland)
Chattanooga (Italy) Not 4 Sale (Japan) .

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