Written By Carl Perkins

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Matchbox Written by Carl Perkins
Based on Match Box Blues written by Blind Lemon Jefferson
Match Box Blues First Released by Blind Lemon Jefferson in 1927 on Okeh 8455 10inch 78rpm shellac
A-side: Black Snake Moan

Matchbox first released by Carl Perkins in 1957 on 7inch single and 10inch single Sun 261
A-side: Your True Love
Recording: December 4, 1956 at Memphis Recording Service Memphis, Tennessee
Musicians: Carl Perkins (vocals, lead electric guitar) Jerry Lee Lewis (piano) Fluke Holland (drums) Clayton Perkins (bass) Jay Perkins (acoustic guitar)

Original release
Blind Lemon Jefferson - Match Box Blues + 1927 10inch 78rpm shellac Okeh 8455 (US) 10inch 78rpm shellac Jazz Classics 511 (US)

Album CoverAlbum Cover

Carl Perkins - Matchbox + 1957 7inch single Sun 261 (US) 1957 10inch 78rpm shellac single Sun 261 (US) 1957 10inch shellac single London Records HLS.8408 (UK) 7inch single London Records 45-HL.S 8408 (UK) 7inch single Sun SUN 15 (US)

Album CoverAlbum CoverAlbum CoverAlbum CoverAlbum Cover

Beatles release:
The Beatles recorded Matchbox July 1963 for radio show Pop Go The Beatles
is on the album Live at the BBC, released in 1994
The Beatles recorded Matchbox June 1, 1964
is on the EP Long Tall Sally, released in 1994 (UK) and 7inch single b/w Slow Down (US)

YouTube links underlined
[OV] original released version
Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan Matchbox
(Match Box Blues)
+ 1999 ^Blind Lemon Jefferson^
Arlen Roth Matchbox
+ 2008 ^Carl Perkins^
Beatles Matchbox
+ 1964 ^Carl Perkins^
Bernie Woods & The Forest Fires! Matchbox
+ 2003 ^Carl Perkins^
Blackout Matchbox
+ 1993 ^Carl Perkins^
Blind Lemon Jefferson Matchbox
(Match Box Blues) [OV]
+ 1927 ^Blind Lemon Jefferson^
Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash Matchbox
+ 1969 * ^Carl Perkins^
Bob Mitchell Orchestra Matchbox
+ 1973 ^Carl Perkins^
Caballero Reynaldo Matchbox
+ 2016 ^Carl Perkins^
Cadillac Kolstad & The Flats Matchbox
+ 2007 ^Carl Perkins^
Carl Perkins Matchbox
+ 1956 ^Carl Perkins^
Carl Perkins & Scotty Moore Matchbox
+ 1992 ^Carl Perkins^
Carl Perkins & Willie Nelson Matchbox
+ 1996 ^Carl Perkins^
Carl Perkins + Friend Matchbox
+ 1979 ^Carl Perkins^
Carl Perkins Show Matchbox
+ 1976 ^Carl Perkins^
Carl Perkins, Duane Eddy & The Mavericks Matchbox
+ 1994 ^Carl Perkins^
Clive Gregson & Christine Collister Matchbox
+ 1986 ^Carl Perkins^
Coverbeats Matchbox
+ 2010 ^Carl Perkins^
Derek and The Dominos with Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins Matchbox
+2007 ^Carl Perkins^
Eero & Hille Matchbox
+ 1976 ^Carl Perkins^
Guy Davis Matchbox
(Match Box Blues)
+ Chocolate To The Bone * ^Blind Lemon Jefferson^
Hasil Adkins Matchbox
+ 1987 ^Carl Perkins^
Head Cat Matchbox
+ 2006 ^Carl Perkins^
Heartbeat Matchbox
+ 2011 ^Carl Perkins^
Jerry Lee Lewis Matchbox
+ 1958 ^Carl Perkins^
John Jackson Matchbox
(Match Box Blues)
+ 1979 ^Blind Lemon Jefferson^
Johnny Hallyday Matchbox
(Un garcon sur la route) (Finnish) [F]
+ 1975 * ^Carl Perkins-Long Chris^
Johnny Rivers Matchbox
+ 1998 ^Carl Perkins^
Kelli Grant Matchbox
+ 1998 ^Carl Perkins^
Larry Williams Matchbox
Lemmy & Friends Matchbox
+ 2000 ^Carl Perkins^
Magic Slim & The Teardrops Matchbox
(Match Box Blues)
+ 2012 ^Blind Lemon Jefferson^
Matchbox Matchbox
+ 1976 ^Carl Perkins^
Mavericks With Carl Perkins & Duane Eddy Matchbox
* ^Carl Perkins^
Max Cohen Matchbox
+ 2009 Wish Were The Beatles A Tribute To Past Masters Vol. 1
Album Cover
Mel Stevens & The Strollers Matchbox
+ 2001 ^Carl Perkins^
Menster Phip and The Phipsters Matchbox
+ 1993 ^Carl Perkins^
Micke Muster Matchbox
+ 2002 ^Carl Perkins^
Mustangs Matchbox
(Aski) (Finnish) [F]
+ 1988
+ Suomi Huiput
* ^Carl Perkins^
Orion Matchbox
+ 1980 ^Carl Perkins^
Paramounts Matchbox
+ 1998 ^Carl Perkins^
Paul McCartney Matchbox
+ 1990 ^Carl Perkins^
Peter Case Matchbox
(Match Box Blues)
+ 1994 ^Blind Lemon Jefferson^
Piedmont Four Matchbox
+ 2017 ^Carl Perkins^
Popa Chubby Matchbox
+ 2003 ^Carl Perkins^
Ragged Rebels Matchbox
+ 2014 ^Carl Perkins^
Rockabilly's Matchbox
+ 1994 ^Carl Perkins^
Rockin' the Joint Matchbox
+ 2009 ^Carl Perkins^
Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks Matchbox
+ 1967 ^Carl Perkins^
Roosevelt Holts Matchbox
(Match Box Blues)
+ 1974 ^Blind Lemon Jefferson^
Roy Dunn Matchbox
(Roy's Matchbox Blues)
+ 1975 ^Blind Lemon Jefferson^
Roy Newman and His Boys Matchbox
(Match Box Blues)
+ 1939 ^Blind Lemon Jefferson^
Roy Powell & The Shiver Givers Matchbox
(Twistin' With Jerry Lee Lewis Medley: Great Balls of Fire + Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On + Matchbox + Lovin' up a Storm)
+ 1976 ^Carl Perkins^
Scotty Moore Matchbox
+ 1977 ^Carl Perkins^
Sleepy LaBeef Matchbox
+ 1978 ^Carl Perkins^
Sonny Burgess Matchbox
+ 1976 ^Carl Perkins^
Stan Perkins & Ian B. MacLeod Matchbox
+ 2000 ^Carl Perkins^
Swing Cats Matchbox
+ 1999 ^Carl Perkins^
SynthoTux Magic Orchestra Matchbox
(Beatles Rhythm & Blues Medley: Eight Days A Week + For You Blue + Old Brown Shoe + Can't Buy Me Love + Matchbox + Got To Get You Into My Life + Kansas City + Chains + Revolution) (Instrumental)

Album Cover
* ^Carl Perkins^
Tab Benoit Matchbox
(Match Box Blues)
+ 1995 ^Blind Lemon Jefferson^
Tom Shaw Matchbox
(Match Box Blues)
+ 1972 ^Blind Lemon Jefferson^
Tony Vincent CSA Matchbox
+ 1997 ^Carl Perkins^
Unkool Hillbillies Matchbox
+ 2005 ^Carl Perkins^
Warren Phillips & The Rockets Matchbox
+ 1969 ^Carl Perkins^
Wild Angels Matchbox
+ 1970 ^Carl Perkins^
Willie Nelson And Family Matchbox
+ 2013 LP Let's Face The Music And Dance Legacy 887765469531 (US)
+ 2013 CD Let's Face The Music And Dance Sony Records Int's SICP 3801 (Japan)
+ 2013 CD Let's Face The Music And Dance Legacy 88765425852 (Europe)
+ LP Let's Face The Music And Dance Music On Vinyl MOVLP733 (Netherlands)
+ 2013 Digital Let's Face The Music And Dance Legacy no number
+ at Billy Bob's Texas, Stockyards, Forth Worth, at his 4th of July Picnic
Album CoverAlbum Cover
* ^Carl Perkins^

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