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Written By John Lennon And Paul McCartney

Wait form 1965 album Rubber Soul
the song is usually said to be a joint effort between John Lennon And Pul McCartney (creditedto Lennon-McCartney)
In the 1997 book, Many Years from Now McCartney recalls it as entirely his
This is supported by a 1970 interview with John Lennon by Ray Connolly: John could not remember writing it "That must be one of Paul's" he said
The song was originally recorded for Help! in June 1965 but did not make the final pressing.
The Beatles - Wait + 1965 Rubber Soul Capitol

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Barbara Casini Quartet Wait
+ 1998 – 2009 Stasera Beatles Philology * ^JL-PM^
Ben Kweller And Albert Hammond, Jr. Wait
+ 2005 CD This Bird Has Flown – A 40th Anniversary Tribute to the Beatles' Rubber Soul * ^JL-PM^
Bettye Lavette Wait
+ 2015 CD Worthy Cherry Red *
B-Sides Wait
+ 2009 Beatles Tribute: A Dedication To Rubber Soul and Lennon, McCartney, Ringo and Harrison Big Hits Records NF ^JL-PM^
Cara Dillon& Sam Lakeman Wait
+2006 Rubber Folk: A Tribute To The Beatles Gott Discs * ^JL-PM^
Carlos Malta Wait
+ Beatles 'N' Choro 3 * ^JL-PM^
Connie Evingson Wait
+ 2008 VA Step Inside Love - a Jazzy Tribute to the Beatles Esc Records - 2003 Let it Be Jazz - Connie Evingson Sings the Beatles Minnehaha Music * ^JL-PM^
Coverbeats Wait
+ 2010 10CD Wish We Were The Beatles: A Tribute To The Beatles Greatest Hits Membran 33083
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Daydream Club Wait
+ 2015 Looking Through You: A 50th Anniversary Tribute to the Beatles' Rubber Soul * ^JL-PM^
Dilemmas Wait
+ 1998 The Beatles Tribute Anthology Vol. 1 NF ^JL-PM^
'E' Types Wait
+ 1995 Live At The Rainbow Ballroom 1966 * ^JL-PM^
Flomotion Wait
+ Flowmotion (now True Spokes) live at The Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA. - On October 28, 2011, Flowmotion covered the entire Rubber Soul album by The Beatles, from start to finish. For more videos from this concert, check out Goat Light Entertainment: * ^JL-PM^
Gin Blossoms Wait
* ^JL-PM^
Hal Bruce (Hal Bruce (BlackBirds (HUN) + Hal Bruce (CAN))) Wait
+ RUBBER SOUL 50th Anniversary Budapest, A38 Ship - Concert Hall 05 Sept 2015 * ^JL-PM^
Hill-Wiltschinsky Guitar Duo Wait
+ 2002 The Music of Lennon & McCartney ALS NF ^JL-PM^
Jiri Nikkinen Wait
(Hello Goodbye + Lovely Rita + Leave My Kitten Alone + Wait + I'll Keep You Satisfied + A World Without Love + Some Other Guy + You Won't See Me + I'm Down + All You Need Is Love + She Came In Trough The Bathroom Window + Golden Slumbers + Carry That Weight + The End + I'll See You In My Dreams + Kansas City + All My loving + I Want To Hold Your Hand)
+ Tampere Beatles Happening 2013, Tampere-house, Finland [T] *
Johnny Flame (John Davis Of Superdrag) Wait
(Thank You Girl + I Should Have Known Better + Your Gonna Loose That Girl + Nowhere Man + Wait + Norwegian Wood + Rain + And Your Bird Can Sing + She Said + For No One + I'm Only Sleeping + Blue Jay Way + Happiness Is A Warm Gun + Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey + I'm So Tired + Helter Skelter + I Want You (She's So Heavy) + Don't Let Me Down)
+ 4-Track Home Recordings – 50 minutes
+ Johnny Flame Sings The Beatles
* ^JL-PM^
Kaz Silver Wait
+ 2012 The Beatles Complete On Ukulele – Rubber Soul NF ^JL-PM^
Music Company Jazz Wait
+ 2006 CD Rubber Soul Jazz BGP (Beat Goes Public * ^JL-PM^
Paulo Sιrgio Santos Wait
+ 2004 Beatles'N'Choro Vol. 3 * ^JL-PM^
Repeatles Wait
+ 2004 Mather Street Beat NF ^JL-PM^
Righteous Brothers And Nancy Sinatra Wait
(I've Just Seen A Face + Girl + Michelle + Run For Your Life + Wait)
* ^JL-PM^
Desperate Romantics Wait
+ at Abbey Road on the River 2012. ** ^JL-PM^
Spirit Of Lucy Wait
+ Jan.24, 2004 - Live @ Dutajel's NF ^JL-PM^
Stars On 45 (Starsound) Wait
+ see Stars On 45 (Starsound) No Reply for additional information ^JL-PM^
Starsound Wait
Stars on 45 - No Reply - I'll Be Back - Drive My Car - Do You Want to Know a Secret - We Can Work It Out - I Should Have Known Better - Nowhere Man - You're Going to Lose That Girl - Ticket to Ride - The Word - Eleanor Rigby - Every Little Thing - And Your Bird Can Sing - Get Back - Eight Days A Week - It Won't Be Long - Daytripper - Wait - Good Day Sunshine - My Sweet Lord - Here Comes The Sun - While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Taxman - A Hard Day's Night - Things We Said Today - If I Fell - You Can't Do That - Please Please Me - From Me to You - I Want to Hold Your Hand - Stars on 45
Tulip Wait
+ 1976 LP All Because of You Guys Express ETP-72167 (Japan)
Album Cover
Yellow Matter Custard Wait
+ 2003 2CD / DVD One Night In New York City Radiant Records - BEATLES cover band consisting of Paul Gilbert (RACER X, ex-MR. BIG) on guitar, Mike Portnoy (DREAM THEATER) on drums, Neal Morse (ex-SPOCK'S BEARD) on guitar and keyboards, and Matt Bissonette (DAVID LEE ROTH) on bass * ^JL-PM^

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