Sweet Little Sixteen
Written By Chuck Berry

Last update: Monday, April 08, 2019

Sweet Little Sixteen Written by Chuck Berry
based on
Route 90 written and recorded by Clarence Garlow
Not recorded by The Beatles and not included here

Surfin' USA written by Brian Wilson and recorded by The Beach Boys is based on Sweet Little Sixteen
Not recorded by The Beatles and not included here

First Released by Chuck Berry in 1958 on Chess single 1683
B-side: Reelin' And Rockin'
Chart positions: #2 (Billboard hot 100) #1 (R&B) #16 (UK charts)
Recording: December 29, 30, 1957 in Chicago IL
Musicians: Chuck Berry (vocals and guitar) Lafayette Leake (piano) Willie Dixon (bass) Fred Below (drums)

Original release Chuck Berry - Sweet Little Sixteen + 1963 7inch single Down Beat 8632 – 1958 7inch single Philips 31683 BF (Australia) – 1958 10inch 78rpm shellac single (Canada) – 1958 7inch single Quality K1703 9Canada) – 1987 7inch single picture disc Mamybellene MBR 50 (Europe) – 7inch single London Records DL 20 170 (Germany) – 1958 7inch single London Records / London American Recordings FL 1726 (Netherlands) – 7inch single London Records NZL 323 (New Zealnad) – 1958 7inch single London Records 45-HLM 8585 (UK) – 7inch single b/w Guitar Boogie Chess 6078 707 (UK) – 1958 10inch 78rpm London American Recordings HL-M.8585 (UK) – 1958 10inch 78rpm shellac single Chess 1683 (US) – 1958 7inch single Chess 1683 (US)

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Beatles release:
The Beatles recorded Sweet Little Sixteen July 10, 1963 for BBC radio show
on Live at the BBC, released in 1994
A recording of Sweet Little Sixteen by The Beatles was made at The Star-Club Hamburg December 1962
This version is available on bootlegs

YouTube links underlined
[OV] original released version
+ YEAR – MEDIA TYPE/TITLE – other info YouTube ^WRITER^
AnimalsSweet Little Sixteen + 1966^Chuck Berry^
Arlen RothSweet Little Sixteen + 2008^Chuck Berry^
BeatlesSweet Little Sixteen ^Chuck Berry^
Bernie Woods & The Forest Fires!Sweet Little Sixteen + 2014^Chuck Berry^
Billy Fury and the Blue FlamesSweet Little Sixteen + 2006^Chuck Berry^
Billy Fury and The TornadosSweet Little Sixteen + 1963*^Chuck Berry^
Billy Lee RileySweet Little Sixteen + 1978 LP Vintage Mojo XSY-153605 (US)
+ 1980 LP Vintage Cowboy Carl Records CCLP-105 (US)
^Chuck Berry^
Black BatmenSweet Little Sixteen + 1967^Chuck Berry^
Bob Mitchell OrchestraSweet Little Sixteen + 1973^Chuck Berry^
Bobby AngelSweet Little Sixteen + 1984
+ 2016 Memories, Vol. 2
*^Chuck Berry^
Bobby Vee and The CricketsSweet Little Sixteen + 1962^Chuck Berry^
BrymersSweet Little Sixteen + 2007 CD and Digital VA Sacrifice 60sGB02 (US)
^Chuck Berry^
Bugs Henderson and The Shuffle KingsSweet Little Sixteen + 2003^Chuck Berry^
Cagey StringsSweet Little Sixteen + 2006^Chuck Berry^
Chuck BerrySweet Little Sixteen
+ 1957
+ Songs We Were Singing – The Music That Inspired The Beatles
^Chuck Berry^
Clean LivingSweet Little Sixteen + 1972^Chuck Berry^
Cliff RichardSweet Little Sixteen + 2016^Chuck Berry^
Col Joye & The Joy BoysSweet Little Sixteen
(Sweet Little Sixteen Twist)
+ 1962 single Festival FK-179 (Australia)^Chuck Berry-Jewel^
Count BishopsSweet Little Sixteen + 1995^Chuck Berry^
Dave Dacosta and His StrollersSweet Little Sixteen + 1962 LP Twist Polydor 46 123 (France)
^Chuck Berry^
Dean Reed & Kati KovicsSweet Little Sixteen + 1980 LP Rock΄n΄roll Country Romantic*^Chuck Berry^
Denis Mazhukov & Off BeatSweet Little Sixteen + 2012*^Chuck Berry^
Des Gibson with The Ken Charles ComboSweet Little Sixteen
(Sweet Little Sixteen Twist)
+ 1962
+ 2005 2CD VA Early Rock From New Zealand, Vol. 11-12 / The Great Little Labels (Early Rock & Roll From New Zealand - Vol. 11 & 12) Collector / White Label 7758 unofficial release (Netherlands)
^Chuck Berry^
DesperatesSweet Little Sixteen + 1995
+ The Desperates
*^Chuck Berry^
Don Lang & The TwistersSweet Little Sixteen + 1962^Chuck Berry^
Eddie ClearwaterSweet Little Sixteen + 1992^Chuck Berry^
Eddie CochranSweet Little Sixteen + 1972^Chuck Berry^
Faroe BoysSweet Little Sixteen + 1967^Chuck Berry^
Fats and His CatsSweet Little Sixteen + 1965*^Chuck Berry^
Flamin' Groovies featuring Chris WilsonSweet Little Sixteen + 1993^Chuck Berry^
Frankie AumanSweet Little Sixteen + 1980 7inch single Invitation Records IRDA 626 (US)
^Chuck Berry^
Freddie BrownSweet Little Sixteen + 1983
+ 2009 Recuerdos De Freddie Brown Vol. 1
*^Chuck Berry^
Gene and The GentsSweet Little Sixteen + 1965^Chuck Berry^
Hep StarsSweet Little Sixteen + 1965^Chuck Berry^
HitmakersSweet Little Sixteen + 1964^Chuck Berry^
HolliesSweet Little Sixteen + 1966^Chuck Berry^
HurriganesSweet Little Sixteen + Live In Hamina 1973 is a live album from Hurriganes, released in 2011. The album was recorded at Hamina's workplace on March 21, 1973*^Chuck Berry^
JackysSweet Little Sixteen + 1976 LP Jacky's Boogie EMI 13C 054-33865 (Switzerland)
+ 1976 LP Jacky's Boogie Columbia 3 E 054-33865 (Switzerland)
^Chuck Berry^
Jari LampinenSweet Little Sixteen
(Han Kuudentoista On) (Finnish) [F]
+ 1957
+ 1974 LP Rock & Roll Juhlaa 5 Love LRLP 110
^Chuck Berry-Jussi Raittinen^
Jerry DeewoodSweet Little Sixteen + 1982^Chuck Berry^
Jerry Lee LewisSweet Little Sixteen + 1962^Chuck Berry^
Jerry Lee Lewis with Ringo StarrSweet Little Sixteen + 2006^Chuck Berry^
Jerry Williams
(Jerry Williams & The Violents)
Sweet Little Sixteen + 1963 LP Mr. Dynamite Sonet SLP-35 (Sweden)
^Chuck Berry^
Jesse Colin YoungSweet Little Sixteen + 1972
+ 2016 Together
*^Chuck Berry^
Jim & Jesse and The Virginia BoysSweet Little Sixteen + 1965^Chuck Berry^
Jimmy Cone, Jimmy Carroll & OrchestraSweet Little Sixteen + 1957
+ 2009 Rockabilly Wildcats
*^Chuck Berry^
Jimmy Doyle PayneSweet Little Sixteen + 1968 7inch single Alley Records A-1040 (US)
^Chuck Berry^
Jimmy GoneSweet Little Sixteen ^Chuck Berry^
Joe Brown
(Joe Brown And The Bruvvers)
Sweet Little Sixteen + 1963^Chuck Berry^
John LennonSweet Little Sixteen + 1975 LP Rock 'N' Roll*^Chuck Berry^
John LeytonSweet Little Sixteen + 2006
+ 2018 The Western Star Years, Vol. 1
*^Chuck Berry^
John Smith and The New SoundSweet Little Sixteen + 1968 LP Rock'n Roll Again With John Smith Vogue Schallplatten ZS 10169 (Germany)
^Chuck Berry^
Johnny and The Rocco'sSweet Little Sixteen + 1978^Chuck Berry^
Kim & The CadillacsSweet Little Sixteen + 1977^Chuck Berry^
King Size Taylor & The DominoesSweet Little Sixteen + 1964
+ 2011 Star Club 50 Jahre
*^Chuck Berry^
Krunoslav SlabinacSweet Little Sixteen + 1981*^Chuck Berry^
LatchesSweet Little Sixteen + 1973*^Chuck Berry^
Le Group 5Sweet Little Sixteen + 1964 LP En Direct De Liverpool*^Chuck Berry^
Le Poing Mark RobsonSweet Little Sixteen + 1972*^Chuck Berry^
LeinemannSweet Little Sixteen + 1974^Chuck Berry^
Little GerhardSweet Little Sixteen + 1972^Chuck Berry^
Locos Del RitmoSweet Little Sixteen
(Dulces Diecisels) (Spanish) [F]
+ La Caja De Los Beatles En Espanol Vol 15 discs
+ Polvora Orfeon
*^Chuck Berry^
Los ApsonSweet Little Sixteen
(Las Quinceaneras) (Spanish) [F]
+ 1963 LP Bailando Y Cantando Con Los Apson Eco No-172 (Mexico)
+ 1973 LP Bailando Y Cantando Con Los Apson Eco 25172 (Mexico)
*^Chuck Berry-Cruz^
Los WizardsSweet Little Sixteen
(Dulces 16) (Spanish) [F]
+ La Caja De Los Beatles En Espanol Vol 14 discs
+ 1961 7inch single Dimsa 45-4331
*^Chuck Berry^
Marianne FaithfullSweet Little Sixteen + 1976^Chuck Berry^
Michael Cox with The Charles Blackwell OrchestraSweet Little Sixteen + 1961^Chuck Berry^
Mike Berry & The OutlawsSweet Little Sixteen + 1998^Chuck Berry^
MilkshakesSweet Little Sixteen + 1984^Chuck Berry^
Nick MacKenzieSweet Little Sixteen + 1973 LP Nick Mackenzie EMI / EMI Electrola 1 C054 – 24 971 (Germany)
+ 1973 Cassette EMI 1C 228-24 971 (Germany)
+ 1973 LP Nick Mackenzie EMI Electrola 5C 054 24 971 (Netherlands)
+ 1973 LP Nick Mackenzie EMI Electrola 4C 56 24 971 (Belgium)
+ 1973 ZZLP Nick Mackenzie Imperial 5C 054 24 971 (Netherlands)
+ Cassette Nick Mackenzie N.V. Bovema / Imperial 5C 234.24971 (Netherlands)
+ 1996 Digital De Grootste Hits Van…..
^Chuck Berry^
Pat BooneSweet Little Sixteen + 1964^Chuck Berry^
Pavel Bobek & OlympicSweet Little Sixteen + 1964 7inch single Supraphon*^Chuck Berry^
Pete Best BandSweet Little Sixteen + 1999^Chuck Berry^
Peter BelliSweet Little Sixteen + 2007^Chuck Berry^
PlayboysSweet Little Sixteen + 1966^Chuck Berry^
(Formatia „The Playboys“)
( Orchestra The Playboys)
Sweet Little Sixteen + 1966 10inch LP The Playboys Electrecord EDD 1115 (Romania)
^Chuck Berry^
RainbowsSweet Little Sixteen + 1966*^Chuck Berry^
Randy Williams, GeologistSweet Little Sixteen + 2009^Chuck Berry^
RattlesSweet Little Sixteen + 1964
+ 2008 The Rattles,Vol.5
*^Chuck Berry^
Red-Black Ensemble
(Janusz Godlewski)
(Czerwono Czarni)
Sweet Little Sixteen + 1961 7inch 45rpm EP Pronit N 0169 (Poland)
*^Chuck Berry^
RefreshmentsSweet Little Sixteen + 2013^Chuck Berry^
RoadSweet Little Sixteen + 1971 7inch single Imperial / JR-Productions 5C 006-24 481 (Netherlands)
^Chuck Berry^
RockfolketSweet Little Sixteen + 1975^Chuck Berry^
Rockin' DevilsSweet Little Sixteen + 1974^Chuck Berry^
Rockin' Lord Lee and The OutlawsSweet Little Sixteen + 1989 Out At Last*^Chuck Berry^
Rohdes RockersSweet Little Sixteen + 1973^Chuck Berry^
Roland and the BluesworkshopSweet Little Sixteen + 1974^Chuck Berry^
Ronnie SelfSweet Little Sixteen + 1997
+ 2008 Honky Tonk Rockabillies, Volume 1
*^Chuck Berry^
Roy Black - Orchester Hans BertramSweet Little Sixteen + 1972^Chuck Berry^
SearchersSweet Little Sixteen + 1964^Chuck Berry^
ShakersSweet Little Sixteen + 1963 LP Let's Do The Madison, Twist, Locomotion, Slop, Hully Gully, Monkey Polydor 46 639 / LPHM 46 639 (Germany)
+ LP The Shakers Polydor 237 139 (Germany)
^Chuck Berry^
Shakin' Stevens and The SunsetsSweet Little Sixteen + 1982^Chuck Berry^
Silicon TeensSweet Little Sixteen + 1980^Chuck Berry^
SkylarksSweet Little Sixteen + 1992 CD Till The End Of The Day Studio 5 ATVCD-01 (Finland)
+ 1992 LP Till The End Of The Day Studio 5 ATVLP-01 (Finland)
^Chuck Berry^
Sonic's RendezvousSweet Little Sixteen
(Sweet Little Sixteen (The Best Stuff You Havent Heard))
+ 1999
+ 2010 Sonic's Rendezvous Band
*^Chuck Berry^
Stephen AcklesSweet Little Sixteen + 1996*^Chuck Berry^
Steve AlaimoSweet Little Sixteen + 1965^Chuck Berry^
Ted DaigleSweet Little Sixteen + 1961^Chuck Berry^
Ten Years AfterSweet Little Sixteen + 1970^Chuck Berry^
TrashmenSweet Little Sixteen + 1998
+ 2017 Bird Call! Twin City Stomp
*^Chuck Berry^
Vince Taylor And His Playboys
(Vince Taylor et ses Playboys)
Sweet Little Sixteen + 1961^Chuck Berry^
Yellow DogsSweet Little Sixteen + 1999
+ Jacaranda 20 Hits
*^Chuck Berry^

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