My Bonnie
My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
Bring Back My Bonnie To Me
Send Back My Barney To Me

Traditional Scottish folk song

Last update: Wednesday, April 11, 2018

My Bonnie traditional – writer unknown
First Released by Hayden Quartet
A-side: The Owl And The Pussy Cat 1909 release - first release was single sided

Original release Hayden Quartet - My Bonnie + 1901 7inch 78rpm single sided Victor A 123 – re-issue 1909 10inch 78rpm shellac Victor 16105 (US)

Album CoverAlbum CoverAlbum CoverAlbum Cover

Beatles release:
The Beatles version of My Bonnie was recorded June 22, 1961 at Friedrich-Evert-Hale in Hamburg.
Actual performer was Tony Sheridan and the Beatles [John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Pete Best].
credited to Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers My Bonnie was released as a Polydor single b/w The Saints in 1961

YouTube links underlined
[OV] original released version
+ YEAR – MEDIA TYPE/TITLE – other info YouTube ^WRITER^
Adam Singers with Orchestra Directed by Cliff Adams My Bonnie
+ 1959 ^Traditional^
Alma Gluck and Orpheus Quartet My Bonnie
+ 1919 ^Traditional^
Bernard Manning & Joe "Piano" Henderson My Bonnie
+ 1975 ^Traditional^
Bill Rayner Four My Bonnie
(Medley: Under the Bridges of Paris + My Bonnie) (Instrumental)
+ 1971 ^Traditional^
Billy Amstell's Dixie All Stars My Bonnie
+ 1980 ^Traditional^
Blue Lu My Bonnie
+ 1986 ^Traditional^
Bobby Darin My Bonnie
+ 1962 ^Traditional^
Bristols My Bonnie
+ 1999 ^Traditional^
Brunnsviksoktetten My Bonnie
+ 1952 ^Traditional^
Buddy Morrow and His Orchestra My Bonnie
+ 1964 ^Traditional^
Carl Wilson My Bonnie
+ CD 50 Scottish Singalong Favourites
+ 2016 Scottish Pub Sing-a-Long
Album CoverAlbum Cover
* ^Traditional^
Cecil Aagaard & His Swingsters My Bonnie
+ 1941 ^Traditional^
Charles Tuinenburg and The Goosssens Brothers My Bonnie
+ 1960 ^Traditional^
Crazy Cavan "N" The Rhythm Rockers My Bonnie
+ 1979 ^Traditional^
Crescendos My Bonnie
+ 1964 ^Traditional^
Donna Lynn My Bonnie
+ 1964 ^Traditional^
Ed McCurdy My Bonnie
+ 1958 ^Traditional^
Element of Crime My Bonnie
+ 2010 ^Traditional^
Ella Fitzgerald with Bobby Orton's Teen-Aces My Bonnie
+ 1952 ^Traditional^
Gilded Cage My Bonnie
+ 1969 ^Traditional^
Harmony String Orchestra My Bonnie
+ 1925 ^Traditional^
Hayden Quartet My Bonnie
+ 1901
+ 1906 VICTOR DISC 16105
Holli Hepp and The Happy Sound Singers My Bonnie
+ 1974 ^Traditional^
Hollywood Trailer Music Orchestra My Bonnie
+ 2015 Silent Movies: Soundtrack For Silent Films
Album Cover
* ^Traditional^
Honky Tonk Henry My Bonnie
+ 2012 Digital Good Old Songs
Album Cover
* ^Traditional^
Horst Wende My Bonnie
(Medley: Sarie Mareis + My Bonnie + Rolling Home) (Instrumental)
+ 1972 * ^Traditional^
J.B.O. My Bonnie
+ 1995 ^Traditional^
Jack Nitzsche and His Orchestra My Bonnie
+ 1964 ^Traditional^
Jane Birkin My Bonnie
+ 2001 ^Traditional^
Jerry Lee Lewis My Bonnie
+ 1974 ^Traditional^
Jim Hendricks My Bonnie
(Medley: My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean + Beautiful Brown Eyes) (Instrumental)
+ 2015 Rocky Top: Country Cafe
Album Cover
* ^Traditional^
Johnnie Fox & The Hunters My Bonnie
+ 2000 ^Traditional^
June Smith My Bonnie
+ 2001 ^Traditional^
Kukonpojat - Nita Lesch - Ragni Malmstén My Bonnie
+ 1961 ^Traditional^
Laura Wright My Bonnie
+ 2011 ^Traditional^
Manchesters My Bonnie
+ 1964 ^Traditional^
Meadows My Bonnie
+ 2011 The Littlest Star * ^Traditional^
Mellomen with Thurl Ravenscroft My Bonnie
+ 2008 Barbershop Melodies, Volume 2 * ^Traditional^
Mrs. Mills with Geoff Love and his Music My Bonnie
(Medley: My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean + Say Wonderful Things + Hello Dolly) (Instrumental)
+ 1964 ^Traditional^
Musicmakers My Bonnie
+ 1973 ^Traditional^
Now Generation
My Bonnie
+ 1969 ^Traditional^
Papa Oscars Dixielanders My Bonnie
+ 1969 ^Traditional^
Per Elvis My Bonnie
+ 1960 ^Traditional^
Peter Nero My Bonnie
+ 1963 ^Traditional^
Pinky and Perky with Alyn Ainsworth and His Orchestra My Bonnie
+ 1963 ^Traditional^
Playcircle My Bonnie
+ 2014 Digital We're Off On A Journey
Album Cover
* ^Traditional^
Ravers My Bonnie
+ 1968 ^Traditional^
Ray Charles My Bonnie
+ 1958 * ^Traditional^
Real McKenzies My Bonnie
+ 1995 * ^Traditional^
Robin Spielberg My Bonnie
+ 2010 ^Traditional^
Speedos My Bonnie
+ 2006 ^Traditional^
Stef Meeder My Bonnie
(Entire album includes Medley: The Last Waltz + Lara's Theme from "Dr. Zhivago" + Bring Back My Bonnie to Me) (Instrumental)
+ 1968 LP Games That Lovers Play Gemini GMX 5034 * ^Traditional^
Tamra Rosanes My Bonnie
+ 2004 ^Traditional^
Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers My Bonnie
+ 1961 ^Traditional^
Ventures My Bonnie
(Ventures Version) (Instrumental)
+ 1962
* ^Traditional-Don Wilson-Bob Bogle^
Weasels My Bonnie
+ 1964 ^Traditional^
Week-end Jazz My Bonnie
+ 1957 ^Traditional^

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