Yes It Is – 30 covers
Last update: Monday, August 01, 2016
Written By John Lennon And Paul McCartney

"Yes It Is 1965 7inch single b/w Ticket to Ride
Written By John Lennon (Credited To Lennon-McCartney)
The Beatles - Yes It Is + 1965 LP Beatles VI Capitol

Album Cover Album Cover Album Cover Album Cover

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1964 The Tribute Yes It Is
+ 2009 Bootleg #1 Roy Davies Music - Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas on August 2, 2007 [T] * ^JL-PM^
Amy Slattery Yes It Is
* ^JL-PM^
BeatleJazz Yes It Is
+ 2005 CD With A Little Help From Our Friends Lightyear Entertainment 54685-2 (US) * ^JL-PM^
Carl Verheyen Yes It Is
+ Six * ^JL-PM^
Carlos Fregtman Yes It Is
+ 1992 CD Exploring The Beatles In The New Age Sunny Mind SMI 6606 / SMB 5234-2 (Netherlands) NF ^JL-PM^
Cedar Lane Studio Orchestra Yes It Is
+ 2009 Beatles Orchestral Renditions R.B> Puddin
Album Cover
Coverbeats Yes It is
+ 2010 10CD Wish We Were The Beatles: A Tribute To The Beatles Greatest Hits Membran 33083
Album Cover
Dave Morgan Yes It Is
+ 2009 CDReel Two Dave Morgan * ^JL-PM^
David Kikoski Yes It Is
???????????????? ? ^JL-PM^
Don Henley Yes It Is
+ 2005 Bridge School Concerts, Vol. One Rhino/Warner Bros
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Hal Bruce Yes It Is
+ MP3 Sound Clips Samples at: ^JL-PM^
Happyhead Yes It Is
+ 2012 The Beatles Complete On Ukulele – Help! NF ^JL-PM^
In-Sect Yes It Is
+ 1965 LP Introducing The In-Sect Direct From England RCA Camden * ^JL-PM^
John Tabacco Yes It Is
(Yes It Is + This Boy)
+ CD Eros Ebb And Flow
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Johnny A. Yes It Is
+ 1999 * ^JL-PM^
Kat Edmonson Yes It Is
+ 2011 The Beatles Complete On Ukulele * ^JL-PM^
Liverpudians Yes It Is
* ^JL-PM^
London Jazz Four Yes It Is
+ 1967 LP Take A New Look At The Beatles Polydor 683 005 (UK)
+ 2009 LP Take A New Look At The Beatles Polydor UCJU-9098 (Japan)
+ 2005 CD Take A New Look At The Beatles Harkit Records HRKCD 8120 (Europe)
Album Cover Album Cover Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Los Escarabajos Yes It Is
+ Decimoséptima formación de Los Escarabajos, con Enrique Sánchez (guitarra, teclados, voces), Miguel Labrado (bajo, voces), Benjamín Serrano (batería, voces) y José Antonio Vaquerizo (guitarra, teclados, voces), más Julio Niño (teclados, percusión, voces) como músico colaborador. Aparición en el programa Gente de Tarde de Giralda TV filmada el 8 de marzo de 2012. Audio remasterizado y vídeo mejorado por Félix Vázquez el 11 de diciembre de 2012 en 4i40 (Sevilla). Clip de archivo [Memoravidea, 2012]. * ^JL-PM^
Marty Rudnick Yes It Is
+ 2006 More Songs About Cars And GirlsSandbox Records
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Natasha Corrigan Yes It Is
(Includes Refrains From Baby's In Black
?????????????? ? ^JL-PM^
Olivier Despax Yes It Is
(Ne Me Mets Pas Du Bleu) (French) [F]
+ 1965
+ 2006 CD La France et Les Beatles, Vol. 2 Magic
* ^JL-PM- Georges Aber^
Pat DiNizio Yes It Is
+ 2005 Pat DiNizio: This Is Pat DiNizio NF ^JL-PM^
Peter Sellers Yes It Is
+ 1993 CD Celebration Of Sellers EMI Angel 8277812
+ 1994 Digital Celebration Of Sellers EMI Angel 0724382778158
Robert Quine & Jody Harris Yes It Is
+ 1995 Guitar Tribute to the Beatles: Come Together Vol 2 - NYC Records Germany ?– NYC 6014 2 * ^JL-PM^
RRSO Symphony Orchestra Yes It Is
+ 1997 The Music OF The Beatles, Vol. 2 Madacy
+ 1997 CD The Music Of The Beatles Madacy
+ 1999 CD Heartstrings: Beatles Love Song MCI
+ 1997 CD The Beatles Collection Madacy
Scott McCarl (Raspberries) Yes It Is
+ 2004 Mojo Magazine Issue No. 130 Beatlemania Volume 1 acts cover Beatles' songs
+ 1998 Play On
* ^JL-PM^
SFUZZI East/West Yes It Is
+ 2008 L&M '65 Back Cello Room Productions * ^JL-PM^
Steven King Yes It Is
(Instrumental) (Solo Guitar)
+ CD Beatle-ing 7 ^JL-PM^
Wellington Strings Yes It Is
+ 1977 LP Happiness Is A Ride On The Merry Go Round Pelican SE 1008 (US) NF ^JL-PM^

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