She Said She Said – 88 covers
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Written By John Lennon And Paul McCartney

She Said She Said written by John Lennon (credited to Lennon--McCartney)
released by The Beatles on the 1966 album Revolver
The Beatles - She Said She Said + 1966 Revolver Capitol (US) Parlophone (UK)

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??????? ????
(Kontora Kuka)
(The Coock's office)
She Said She Said + Russian Revolver (??????? Revolver)
Album CoverAlbum Cover
A.K.A.She Said She Said + 1988 cassette Boston Does The Beatles Fast Track Records*^JL-PM^
Aki TakahashiShe Said She Said
+ 1990 CD Hyper Beatles EMI Records Ltd. CDC 7 54155 2 (US)
Album CoverAlbum Cover
Ann Dyer & The No Good Time FairiesShe Said She Said
+ 1999 Revolver: A New Spin Premonition Records
Album Cover
Ann KleinShe Said She Said
+ 2012 The Beatles Complete On Ukulele – Revolver
Album Cover
Black KeysShe Said She Said
+ 2008
+ 2002 The Big Come Up Alive Records
Bozo AllegroShe Said She Said
+ 1998 CD The Revolver Suite Marx Music 0823-2 (US)
CarrollShe Said She Said
+ 2013 LP VA Minnesota Beatle Project Volume 5 Vega Productions no number (US)
+ 2013 CD VA Minnesota Beatle Project Volume 5 Vega Productions no number (US)
Album CoverAlbum CoverAlbum Cover
Cat Designers
She Said She Said
+ 2006 CD Tomorrow Never Knows Googlie Mooglie Records
Album Cover
CavernbeatsShe Said She Said
+ 2014.11.28@ Cavern Beat*^JL-PM^
CCCShe Said She Said
(She Said Traffic) (Mashup of Crosstown Traffic And She Said She Said)
+ 2005 Revolved*^JL-PM^
Charly GarcíaShe Said She Said
+ DVD Say No More: 50th Anniversary GLS*^JL-PM^
Chocolate SeastormShe Said She Said
(He Said (She Said She Said))
+ 2004
+ 2007 Dive In Klover Records
Album Cover
ChordsShe Said She Said
+ 1980*^JL-PM^
D.E.F. OrkestraShe Said She Said
+ 1998 CD And CassetteBeatles Alaturka Imaj Muzik 8695808000929-0 / 869580800092943 (Turkey)
+ 2001 CD Beatles Alaturka Imja Music 8695808000929-0 (Turkey)
Album CoverAlbum Cover
DeadShe Said She Said
Debbi Peterson (Bangles), Al Stewart, John (Records), Bill BerryShe Said She Said
+ benefit for Autism Think Tank at the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood CA on Feb. 16, 2013*^JL-PM^
DiegoShe Said She Said
+ 2009 Digital The Beatles' Butcher 4
Album CoverAlbum Cover
DogsShe Said She Said
+ Memorial Park, Claremont, September 1st, 2008*^JL-PM^
Don Randi TrioShe Said She Said
+ 1966 LP Revolver Jazz Reprise Records R-6229 / RS-6229 (US) (Canada)*^JL-PM^
DriscollsShe Said She Said
+ 1991 CD VA Revolution No. 9 (A Tribute To The Beatles In Aid Of Cambodia) Pop God PGCD 9 (UK)
+ 1991 LP VA Revolution No. 9 (A Tribute To The Beatles In Aid Of Cambodia) Pax Records / Pop Gold PGLP 9 (UK)
+ 1991 CD VA Revolution No. 9 Quattro QTCY-2006 unofficial (Japan)
+ 1997 CD VA Revolution No. 9 (A Tribute To The Beatles In Aid Of Cambodia) Creativeman Disc CMD-015 (US)
+ 2CD Complete Recordings 1988-1991 Jigsaw Records
Album CoverAlbum Cover
Earth JuniorShe Said She Said
+ 2007 CD VA Cape Cod Covers Vol. 2: The Beatles Sedgewick*^JL-PM^
ElliottsShe Said She Said
+ at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh*^JL-PM^
EverestShe Said She Said
+ 2015 Digital VA Tomorrow Never Knows: A 50th Anniversary Tribute To The Beatles' Revolver Reimagine Music
Album Cover
Fabio Koryu CalabròShe Said She Said
(Disse) (Italian) [F]
+ 2013 Digital RivoltellaDischi della Vetrocipolla
+ iTunes
Album Cover
FeeliesShe Said She Said
+ 1986 EP The Good Earth (Bonus track on 2009 re-release)
+ 1991 Rare B-Sides & Live Tracks
Flamin' GrooviesShe Said She Said
(Thanks John – Thanks John Lyrics
It's only love from me to you
And you know it won't be long
This bird has flown Norwegian Wood
We listen to your songs
Thanks John -- rock on

We can work it out
Although we twist and shout
Cause I know there's a place
Oh I've just seen a face
We all carry the weight

Oh she said she said
Across the Universe
The things we said today
Don't let me down
When I call your name
Tell me what you see
No Reply oh not a second time

The word is love I know
We'll be when I get home
So all together now

Thanks John -- rock on
+ 1992 CD Rock Juice National Records NAT-030-2
Album CoverAlbum CoverAlbum Cover
GainShe Said She Said
+ 2003 ABCD&E 1992-1998 Slovenly Recordings
Album Cover
George Martin And His OrchestraShe Said She Said
+ 1966
+ 1994 CD George Martin Instrumentally Salutes The Beatle Girls One Way Records
GlideShe Said She Said
+ Something
Album Cover
Gov't MuleShe Said She Said
+ 1998
+ 2015 Dub Side Of The Mule
GrizzwaldShe Said She Said
Hedge & DonnaShe Said She Said
+ 1971*^JL-PM^
Heiko Effertz
She Said She Said
+ 2009 Wish We Were The Beatles – A Tribute To Revolver
Album Cover
Hiroyuki AoyamaShe Said She Said

Album Cover
Ian Cussick, Heiko Effertz, Max Cohen
- Coverbeats
She Said She Said
+ 2009 VA Wish We Were The Beatles – A Tribute To Revolver

Album CoverAlbum Cover
Jeremiah BirnbaumShe Said She Said
+ 2010 The Beatles Complete On Ukulele
Album Cover
Jerry ChapmanShe Said She Said
+ 2003 Rumors of My Death*^JL-PM^
Johnny Flame
(John Davis Of Superdrag)
She Said She Said
(Thank You Girl + I Should Have Known Better + Your Gonna Loose That Girl + Nowhere Man + Wait + Norwegian Wood + Rain + And Your Bird Can Sing + She Said + For No One + I'm Only Sleeping + Blue Jay Way + Happiness Is A Warm Gun + Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey + I'm So Tired + Helter Skelter + I Want You (She's So Heavy) + Don't Let Me Down)
+ 4-Track Home Recordings – 50 minutes
+ Johnny Flame Sings The Beatles
Keller WilliamsShe Said She Said
(She Said She Said + Tomorrow Never Knows)
+ Hear Here:^JL-PM^
KulukatiShe Said She Said
+ Lone Star Rock Candy*^JL-PM^
KuzkoShe Said She Said
+ live @ The Cavern Club She Said, She Said 25/03/2008*^JL-PM^
Latin Dance ProjectShe Said She Said
+ 2011 – 2012 produced by Glen Donald Edwards
+ Hear Here:
Album Cover
Lauren PassarelliShe Said She Said
+ 2005
Lone StarShe Said She Said
+ 1976
+ Lone Star Rock Candy
+ BBC Sessions
MariusShe Said She Said
(Hun sa, jeg sa) (Norwegian) [F]
+ 1983 Marius*^JL-PM- Helge Sveen^
Mark MulcahyShe Said She Said
+ 2006 Mojo Magazine Issue No. 152 Revolver Reloaded*^JL-PM^
Mark TurnerShe Said She Said
+ 1998 – 2003 In This World Warner Jazz
Album Cover
Marvin Barnes Time MachineShe Said She Said
+ Live in Brooklyn, January 2008*^JL-PM- Helge Sveen^
Matt BeatlesShe Said She Said
+ at the Downingtown School of Rock January 2008
Matthew SweetShe Said She Said
+ 1993 Born to Choose
+ The Essential Matthew Sweet
+ 1992 I've Been Waiting
MellorsShe Said She Said
+ 2006 Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Protest Loveless Records*^JL-PM^
MoglahShe Said She Said
+ 2006 CD Revolvah Bad Cloud
+ Hear Here:
Album Cover
Moon DogsShe Said She Said
+ Canadian group*^JL-PM^
NeighborhoodShe Said She Said
+ 1970 LP Debut Big Tree Records BTS 2001 (US)
+ 1970 LP Debut Big Tree Records BTS 2001 (Canada)
Album Cover
Nevernous & Sal D'AmatoShe Said She Said
One Man Bannister
(Matthew Bannister)
She Said She Said
+ 2013 CD Evolver Powertool Rocords PT127 (Australia) (New Zealand)
+2016 Cassette Evolver Tokei Tapes TT05 (Germany)
+ 2013 Digital Evolver Powertool Records no number (New Zealand)
+ 2016 Digital Evolver Thokei Tapes TT05
Album CoverAlbum Cover
Overwelming ColourfastShe Said She Said
Paton / JamesShe Said She Said
+ 2009 Revolver
- Paton and James will cover every Beatles album. They have so far covered 7 albums and over 100 songs
Album Cover
Paul Is DeadShe Said She Said
+ 2006 CD A Tribute To John LennonNF^JL-PM^
Phil Lesh & FriendsShe Said She Said
+ Nov.16, 2003 - Fillmore Auditorium – Denver CO
+ 4-14-14 BAM, Brooklyn NY
Plastic SoulShe Said She Said
+ Indonesia Beatles Tribute Band
PozersShe Said She Said
+ 2004 3CD VA It Was 40 Years Ago Today: Tribute To The Beatles Bullseye Records BLR-CD-4060 (Canada)
+ 1998 Cover This
Album CoverAlbum CoverAlbum CoverAlbum Cover
Projeto TuesdayShe Said She Said
R. Stevie MooreShe Said She Said
+ 1975 – 2009 R. Stevie Moore Plays Songs By The Beatles HP Music
Album Cover
Rainbow CanyonShe Said She Said
+ 1974 LP Rollin' In The Rockies Capitol Records ST-11272 (US)
Album CoverAlbum Cover
RangzenShe Said She Said
(Live Repertorio: A Day In The Life + A Hard Day's Night + And Your Bird Can Sing + Ask Me Why + Baby's In Black + Back In The Ussr + Bad Boy + Birthday + Blackbird + Can Not Buy Me Love + Come Together + Day Tripper + Dear Prudence + Dig A Pony + Do Not Bother Me + Do Not Let Me Down + Dr Robert + Drive My Car + Eight Days A Week + Get Back + Getting Better + Glass Onion + Golden Slumbers + Got To Get You Into My Life + Happiness Is A Warm Gun + Help! + Helter Skelter + Here Comes The Sun + Hey Bulldog + Honey Do Not + I Am The Walrus + I Call Your Name + I Do Not Want To Spoil The Party+ I Feel Fine + I Got A Woman + I Saw Her Standing There + I Should Have Known Better + I Wanna Be Your Man + I Want To Hold Your Hand + I Want You + I'll Be Back + I'll Cry Instead + If I Fell + If I Needed Someone + I'm A Loser + I'm Down + I'm Looking Trough You + It Won't Be Long + I've Got A Feeling + I've Just Seen A Face + Kansas City + Love Me Do + Love You To + Lucy In The Skies With Diamonds+ Magical Mystery Tour + Matchbox + Mother Nature Son + Nowhere Man + Old Brown Shoe + One After 909 + Paperback Writer + Penny Lane + Please Please Me + Polythene Pam + Rain + Revolution + Rock And Roll Music + Roll Over Beethoven + Run For Your Life + Sgt Pepper's (Reprise) + Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band + She Came In Trough The Bathroom ... + She Loves You + She Said She Said + She's A Woman + Slow Down + Some Other Guy + Strawberry Fields Forever + Taxman + Tell Me What You See + Thank'you Girl + The End + The Night Before + The Word + Things We Said Today + This Boy + Ticket To Ride + Tomorrow Never Knows + Twist And Shout + We Can Work It Out + What Goes On + When I Get Home + With A Little Help From My Friend + Yer Blues + You Can Not Do That + You Know My Name + You Really Got A Hold On Me + You're Going To Lose That Girl + You've To Hide Your Love Away)
Robyn Hitchcock And Peter BuckShe Said She Said
+ Live at Webster Hall NYC on April 26, 2013*^JL-PM^
Sara Gabrow & Martin GreisShe Said She Said
+ DVD 2010 Teaterkoncert – Come Together (af Cederholm & Brdr. Hellemann) Sony Music Distribution – 2009 Digital Come Together WM (Denmark)*^JL-PM^
Señor MostazaShe Said She Said
+ 2014 LP Plays Revolver Live Trilobite Records / Hall Of Fame Records TRB010 (Spain)
Album CoverAlbum CoverAlbum Cover
Shop AssistantsShe Said She Said
+ single*^JL-PM^
Silly Willy And SteinShe Said She Said
(Cover Of Revolver Album: Taxman + Eleanor Rigby + I’m Only Sleeping + Love You To + Here There And Everywhere + Yellow Submarine + She Said She Said + Good Day Sunshine + And Your Bird Can Sing + For No One + Doctor Robert + I Want To Tell You + Got To Get You Into My Life + To Morrow Never Knows)
Album Cover*^JL-PM^
Snake River ConspiracyShe Said She Said
+ 1999 EP Vulcan*^JL-PM^
Split Heavens (Joe Strell)She Said She Said
+ 1986 Cassette Bigger Than God Office Records fil-103^JL-PM^
Spo Dee O DeeShe Said She Said
+ 1993 Second Coming Mercury 514 636-2 (Netherlands)
Album CoverAlbum Cover
SRCShe Said She Said
+ 1999 CD EP Vulcan Kinetic 47527 – CD Single Kinetic 44772 – 12inch Vinyl Single 44772 – 2001 CD EP Morpheus Music MORPH 003CD
Album Cover
Steve SelvidgeShe Said She Said
+ 2006 Fried Glass Onions Vol. 3--Memphis Rocks The Beatles Inside Sounds*^JL-PM^
Steven KingShe Said She Said
(Instrumental) (Solo Guitar)
+ CD Beatle-ing 6x^JL-PM^
Surf CoastersShe Said She Said
+ 1995 CD Waitin' 4 The Surf Victor VICL-2161 (Japan)
Album CoverAlbum CoverAlbum Cover
Susan & The Surftones
She Said She Said
+ 2009 CD S&ST Play the Beatles - Volume 2 The Dear Prudence Sessions Acme Brothers Records 884502258455
Album Cover
Tod MosesShe Said She Said
+ 2014 iTunes Blue Beetle
Album Cover
Tom NewmanShe Said She Said
+ 1975 Fine Old Tom*^JL-PM^
Tripping With GraceShe Said She Said
+ 1993 Desert BeetlesNF^JL-PM^
TsugulingShe Said She Said

Album Cover
VickersShe Said She Said
Vini, Lindsay & IsaacShe Said She Said
+ 2BH Beatles Week du 3 au 7 August 2016016*^JL-PM^
Walking SeedsShe Said She Said
+ 2003 CD, LP and Digital Bad Orb, Whirling Ball Fire Records
Album Cover
WeanShe Said She Said
+ 1987
+ Philadelphia
Yeah Yeah NohShe Said She Said
+ 1985 Cutting the Heavenly Lawn of Greatness... In Tape*^JL-PM^
Yellow DubmarineShe Said She Said
+ 2016 7inch single Singled Out Volume 2 self release (US)
Album Cover
Yellow Matter CustardShe Said She Said
+ 2003 2CD / DVD One Night In New York City Radiant Records
- BEATLES cover band consisting of Paul Gilbert (RACER X, ex-MR. BIG) on guitar, Mike Portnoy (DREAM THEATER) on drums, Neal Morse (ex-SPOCK'S BEARD) on guitar and keyboards, and Matt Bissonette (DAVID LEE ROTH) on bass
ZombeatlesShe Said She Said
(She Dead)
+ 2009 CD Meat The Zombeatles CD Baby
Album Cover Album Cover
ZongadudeShe Said She Said
+ Beatles Weekend in Ouistreham (Normandie, France), on November 7th, 2009*^JL-PM^
ZooShe Said She Said
(Good Day Sunshine + She Said She Said)
+ 1967 7inch single Parkway P-147-ANF^JL-PM^

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