Rocky Raccoon – 79 covers
Last update: Sunday, April 09, 2017
Written By John Lennon And Paul McCartney

Rocky Raccoon From The Beatles (The White Album)
primarily written by Paul McCartney who was inspired while playing acoustic guitar with John Lennon and Donovan in India
The Beatles - Rocky Raccoon + 1968 The Beatles Apple

Album Cover
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+ YEAR – MEDIA TYPE/TITLE – other info YouTube ^WRITER^
Abbey Road All-Stars Rocky Raccoon
+ The Beatles Tribute * ^JL-PM^
Adam Gontier Rocky Raccoon
* ^JL-PM^
Akasha Rocky Raccoon
+ 2010 Cover Me Blog NF ^JL-PM^
Andy Fairweather-Low Rocky Raccoon
+ 1996 2CD VA And Your Bird Can Sing: 36 Classic Interpretations Of Beatles Standards Debutante 553 110-2 (UK) (Ireland)
Album CoverAlbum Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Ashleigh Brown & Jenkins Rocky Raccoon
+ 2011 2CD VA Beatles Mania Naïve NS 91668 (Europe)
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Back Forty Rocky Raccoon
+ Sept.10, 2005 - Rendezvous on the Grand, Lansing MI * ^JL-PM^
Benny Goodman Rocky Raccoon
+ 1978
+ Live at Carnegie Hall 40th Anniversary Concert
* ^JL-PM^
Bob Hope And Raquel Welch Rocky Raccoon
+ 1970 Hear here: x ^JL-PM^
Bree Sharp Rocky Raccoon
+ 2012 Beatles Complete On Ukulele * ^JL-PM^
Brian Bennett Rocky Raccoon
* ^JL-PM^
Candid Daydream Rocky Raccoon
+ Acoustic CD ^JL-PM^
Carmem Manfredini Rocky Raccoon
+ 2008 2CD Álbum Branco Discobertas DB-004 (Brazil) * ^JL-PM^
Charlie Parr featuring Nicholas Mrozinski Rocky Raccoon
+ 2011 VA CD Minnesota Beatle Project, Vol. 3 Vega Productions * ^JL-PM^
Chris Duarte Group Rocky Raccoon
+ March 2, 2008 - EXIT 6-C, Tulsa OK NF ^JL-PM^
Coverbeats Rocky Raccoon
+ 2010 10CD Wish We Were The Beatles: A Tribute To The Beatles Greatest Hits Membran 33083
Album Cover
Crowded House Rocky Raccoon
+ 1996 - Instinct single b-side (as introduction to Chocolate Cake) * ^JL-PM^
Danger Mouse Rocky Raccoon
(Justify My Thug samples Rocky Raccoon)
+ 2004 The Grey Album
- Danger Mouse is Brian Joseph Burton - The Grey Album is a mashup album by Danger Mouse, released in 2004. It uses an a cappella version of rapper Jay-Z's The Black Album and couples it with instrumentals created from a multitude of unauthorized samples from The Beatles' LP The Beatles
David Gans Rocky Raccoon
+ Live at Orpheum Theater, Flagstaff AZ on 2003-04 NF ^JL-PM^
Don Paulin Rocky Raccoon
+ 1970 LP On The Road Again Liberty Stern Musik LBS 83 2984 (Germany)
Album Cover
Eddie Vedder & Jack Johnson Rocky Raccoon
+ at the Gorge Amphitheater 2014 * ^JL-PM^
Fab Four Rocky Raccoon
+ at the Rose Center Theater on 5-2-08 * ^JL-PM^
Fabio Koryu Calabrò Rocky Raccoon
(Rocco Raccone) (Italian) [F]
+ 2008 Digital Albume BiancoI Dischi della Vetrocipolla
+ iTunes
Album Cover
Fenton Lawless Rocky Raccoon
+ 2004 Minnesota Beatles Project – Vol. 3 NF ^JL-PM^
Finns (Crowded House) Rocky Raccoon
+ 1992 ^JL-PM^
Flowmotion Rocky Raccoon
+ Nov.25, 2006 - Tractor Tavern, Seattle WA NF ^JL-PM^
Gerry & Friends Rocky Raccoon
* ^JL-PM^
Giacomo Bondi Rocky Raccoon
+ 2016 Digital Relounged And Regrooved Beatles Songs By Giacomo Bondi [35 Songs Special Edition] GBMUSIC
Album Cover
Girl From The Castle Rocky Raccoon
+ 2011 2CD VA Beatles Mania Naïve NS 91668 (Europe)
Album Cover
Na ^JL-PM^
Harold Sanditen Rocky Raccoon
+ 2015 Flyin' High: Live at the Crazy Coqs * ^JL-PM^
Hit Co. Rocky Raccoon
+ 2013 The Instrumental Classic Rock Collection, Vol. 6 Planet Music * ^JL-PM^
Hit Co. Rocky Raccoon
+ Best of the Beatles Box Set Vol. 2 * ^JL-PM^
Hot Buttered Rum Rocky Raccoon
+ Dec.30, 2007 - Oriental Theater, Denver CO NF ^JL-PM^
Jack Johnson Rocky Raccoon
+ Live at Crow's Nest, Chicago IL on 2002-05-08 * ^JL-PM^
James Armata Rocky Raccoon
2012 The Beatles Complete On Ukulele – The White Album pt 1 NF ^JL-PM^
James Blunt Rocky Raccoon
Jason Mraz Rocky Raccoon
+ Live at Jason V's Living Room on 2000-05-06 * ^JL-PM^
Jimmy Buffett Rocky Raccoon
+ Chicago 2009-08-15 Toyota Park * ^JL-PM^
Johnny Flame Rocky Raccoon
Johnny Flynn And The Sussex Wit Rocky Raccoon
+ 2008 Mojo Magazine Issue No. 178 The White Album Recovered 1 * ^JL-PM^
Josh Pyke (Josh Pyke and Tim Rogers) Rocky Raccoon
+ at the Opera House * ^JL-PM^
Karoke Tribute Rocky Raccoon
+ 2008 Karaoke Hits - The Beatles (Vol. 1) APM Music
Kingston Wall Rocky Raccoon
+ 1998 * ^JL-PM^
La Arcaica Rocky Raccoon
+ Archaic live "Me Gustas your Soul" 24/03/12
+ Archaic is a band of Cordoba Capital
* ^JL-PM^
Lena Horn (Lena & Gabor) Rocky Raccoon + 1969 LP Watch What Happens Skye SK 15
Album Cover
Lena Horne & Gabor Szabo Rocky Raccoon
+ 1969
+ 2006 Empathy Passport Audio
+ 2008 In My Life Fantastic Voyage
+ 1999 The Irrepressible Vol. 2
+ 7inch single Skye 4523
Lloyd Hurrell Rocky Raccoon
* ^JL-PM^
Martin Sexton Rocky Raccoon
+ Feb.22, 2004 - Ram's Head Onstage, Annapolis MD NF ^JL-PM^
Maureen McGovern Rocky Raccoon
+ 2008 A Long And Winding Road NF ^JL-PM^
Melanie Rocky Raccoon
+ 1978 Beatles Tribute – British TV * ^JL-PM^
Melker Project Rocky Raccoon
(Sampling Remix, Mashups) (ASAP Rocky Raccoon)
+ The Melker Project Presents The Skeetles * ^JL-PM^
Mickey Stevenson Rocky Raccoon
+ 1972 NA ^JL-PM^
Mike Masse and Jeff Hall Rocky Raccoon
+ Pie Pizerria – January 5, 2009 – Salt Lake City UT * ^JL-PM^
Moments Rocky Raccoon
+ 2011 Come Together: Black America Sings Lennon & McCartney Ace Records UK
+ 2009 A Moment With The Moments Rhino
+ 2001 CD VAHelp! The Songs of The Beatles II Castle Music Ltd CMDDD-260
Album CoverAlbum Cover
* ^JL-PM^
New Vinton County Frogwhompers Marching, Singing, Strumming & Plucking Society Rocky Raccoon
+ 1977 – LP We Always Wanted To Be A Big Name BandMedia Group, Inc. MGI-1001
Album CoverAlbum Cover
Pat McGee Rocky Raccoon
+ August 6, 2002 - Judge Roy Beans Saloon, Bristol RI NF ^JL-PM^
Paton / James Rocky Raccoon
+ 2005 The White Album
- Paton and James will cover every Beatles album. They have so far covered 7 albums and over 100 songs
Album Cover
Persuasions Rocky Raccoon
(Entire disc: Eight Days A Week + Oh! Darling + Come Together + Rocky Raccoon + Octopus's Garden + Love Me Do + With A Little Help From My Friends + From Me To You + Yesterday + Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da + Don't Let Me Down + The Ballad Of John And Yoko + Imagine + Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise))
+ 2006 VA Too Cool For School Mixtape For Kids ( Rachael Ray) Epic
+ 2002 SACD The Persuasions Sing The Beatles Chesky Records SACD244 (US)
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Phil Jamieson Rocky Raccoon
Phil Norby Rocky Raccoon
+ Live at Saloon on Calhoun * ^JL-PM^
Phil Norby Rocky Raccoon
+ Saloon on Calhoun * ^JL-PM^
Phish Rocky Raccoon
+ 2002 – 2009 LivePhish, Vol. 13 10/31/94 (Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY) JEMP Records * ^JL-PM^
Ramsey Lewis Rocky Raccoon
+ 1968 – 2005 Mother Natures Son GRP Records * ^JL-PM^
Retta Guest Choate Rocky Raccoon
+ 2003 Milkglass Flame * ^JL-PM^
Richie Havens Rocky Raccoon
+ 2009 Sings Beatles And Dylan Ryko/Rhino
+ 1967 single (VS 1521)
* ^JL-PM^
Robyn Hitchcock And Heavy Friends Rocky Raccoon
??????????????? ? ^JL-PM^
Rudy Rotta Rocky Raccoon
(Miss You + Rocky Raccoon)
+ 2014 The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones
+ Beatstones
* ^JL-PM^
Scooters Rocky Raccoon
+ 2000 Peepshow NF ^JL-PM^
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Rocky Raccoon
(Instrumental Version)
+ 2008 Beatles Instrumental Renditions Purple Pyramid * ^JL-PM^
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Rocky Raccoon
+ VA 100 More Versions Of Beatles Songs
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Steven King Rocky Raccoon
(Instrumental) (Solo Guitar)
+ CD Beatle-ing 7 ^JL-PM^
Strangulated Beatoffs Rocky Raccoon
(Don't Let Me Down + Savoy Truffle + Rocky Raccoon+ Happiness Is A Warm Gun)
+ 7inch EP The Beatoffs
+ 2014 LP The Beatoffs Skin Graft Records GR113LP (US)
Album CoverAlbum Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Studio Group Rocky Raccoon
+ 2006 A Tribute To The Beatles Vol 7 Charley Records ^JL-PM^
Studio Group Rocky Raccoon
+ Karaoke Singing The Songs Of The Beatles Part 2 * ^JL-PM^
Suburban Skies Rocky Raccoon
+ 2009 Paul * ^JL-PM^
Terry Baxter Orchestra And Chorus Rocky Raccoon
+ 1972 6LP Yesterday - The Wonderful Music Of The Beatles Performed By The Terry Baxter Orchestra And Chorus Columbia House P6S 5748 (US) ^JL-PM^
Twiddle Rocky Raccoon
+ at Stratton Mountain VT 8.23.14 * ^JL-PM^
Ultimate Beatles Cover Band Rocky Raccoon
+ 30 Hits! Gigatone * ^JL-PM^
Wayne Roland Brown Rocky Raccoon
+ 1980 LP On The Road Mandrill WRB 1 (New Zealand)
Album Cover
Will Taylor and Strings Attached Rocky Raccoon
+ 2008 Beatles White Album Live Will Taylor and Strings Attached ^JL-PM^
Will Taylor and Strings Attached With Matt The Elect Rocky Raccoon
+ All Beatles Covers Vol. 1 ^JL-PM^

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