Only A Northern Song 32 covers
Last update: Thursday, August 03, 2017
Written By George Harrison

Only A Northern Song written by George Harrison
recorded in 1967 during the sessions for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band but was omitted from that album
Instead, the song featured in the 1968 animated film Yellow Submarine and appeared on the soundtrack album released in 1969
The Beatles - Only A Northern Song + 1969 Yellow Submarine Apple

Album Cover Album Cover
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8-Bit RemixOnly A Northern Song *^GH^
Bar RattsOnly A Northern Song
+ 2012 The Beatles Complete On Ukulele Yellow Submarine
Album Cover
BeatlemaniamOnly A Northern Song
Beatles 4everOnly A Northern Song
Beatles in JapaneseOnly A Northern Song
+ Beatles 100 songs Japanese translation & singing project*^GH^
BeenjoyOnly A Northern Song
Blue MeaniesOnly A Northern Song
+ 1999 VA CD HarrisongsGrabaciones En El Mar ? Gelmar 139 (Spain)NF^GH^
DiegoOnly A Northern Song
+ 2006 Digital The Beatles' Butcher 2
Album CoverAlbum Cover
Empty SetOnly A Northern Song
Fab FauxOnly A Northern Song
+ 6-20-15 Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY*^GH^
Fausto RamosOnly A Northern Song
FreakOnly A Northern Song
+ 2008,12,07 in Osaka, Japan*^GH^
GadOnly A Northern Song
Gavin PringOnly A Northern Song
+ in the Daisy Room at Abbey Road on the River 2011*^GH^
GravenhurstOnly A Northern Song
+ 2012 CD VA Yellow Submarine Resurfaces (Mojo Presents A Tribute To The Beatles Classic 1968 Soundtrack) Mojo Magazine Issue No. 224 (UK)
+ 2012 CD VA Yellow Submarine Refait Surface Mojo Magazine MOJO CD 3 (France)
Album CoverAlbum CoverAlbum CoverAlbum Cover
Heiko Effertz
Only A Northern Song
+ 2009 Wish We Were The Beatles A Tribute To Yellow Submarine
Album Cover
Jamie HooverOnly A Northern Song
+ 2002 He Was Fab: A Loving Tribute To George Harrison Jealousy Records
+ Jamie Hoo-Ever
Album Cover
Johann HeyssOnly A Northern Song
+ Beatles 67 vol. 2 (Brazil)*^GH^
LomaxOnly A Northern Song
+ 2010 The Sound of Lomax!*^GH^
Luis PradoOnly A Northern Song
+ 2016 Plays Standards*^GH^
Michel Drucker ExperienceOnly A Northern Song
+ 2006 Seul En Vie Anorak Supersport*^GH^
NieblaOnly A Northern Song
Nube 9Only A Northern Song
+ 2014*^GH^
Phoaming EdisonOnly A Northern Song
(Partial Set: Stencil Queen + Folic Food Shortage + Only a Northern Song + M Deest Mablo + Hey Eddie + Marginal Man + Casino Royale)
+ 2000 Happy Nap Casino
+ "Happy Nap Casino" Record Release Party at Rubulad
PodsOnly A Northern Song
+ at southgate house june 26 1993 for DON'T LET IT BE!*^GH^
Ric Walz-SmithOnly A Northern Song
seis69nueveOnly A Northern Song
Sergio Algozzino e Davide Lo CascioOnly A Northern Song
SidonieOnly A Northern Song
(Greasy Legs + Love You To + Only a Northern Song
+ 2008 VA Thanks For The Pepperoni - A Tribute To George Harrison DiscMedi S.A.*^GH^
Sun DialOnly A Northern Song
+ 1991 Overspill*^GH^
Thomas McConnellOnly A Northern Song
+ 2013*^GH^
Walker's RunOnly A Northern Song
+ 2015 Silver*^GH^
Yellow SubmoronsOnly A Northern Song
+ at the 3rd annual Yellow Submarine Album Experience at Abbey Road on the River 2013.*^GH^
Yonder Mountain String BandOnly A Northern Song
+ 2001-12-31 - Live at Mississippi Nights, St-Louis MO*^GH^

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