Not A Second Time – 23 covers
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Written By John Lennon And Paul McCartney

Not a Second Time written by John Lennon (credited to Lennon–McCartney)
on UK album With the Beatles and US album Meet the Beatles!
The Beatles - Not A Second Time + 1963 With The Beatles Parlophone

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BackbeatNot A Second Time
+ 2008 Eye – Dentity Haux*^JL-PM^
Beatles 4everNot A Second Time
Beatles 4ever (Brazil)Not A Second Time
Beatles Tribute BandNot A Second Time
+ 2008 A Tribute to The Beatles Vol. 1 Politur
Brian Hebert And FriendsNot A Second Time
(Not A Second Time Slow Air And Hornpipe)
+ 2008 Any Time At All - A Session Picker's Tribute To The Beatles Brian Hebert and Friends
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Deer TickNot A Second Time
+ Brooklyn Bowl - December 28 2014NF^JL-PM^
DiegoNot A Second Time
+ 2004 Digital The Beatles' Butcher
Album CoverAlbum Cover
Ergs!Not A Second Time
+ 2007*^JL-PM^
Fabricated FourNot A Second Time
Flamin' GrooviesNot A Second Time
(Thanks John:

It's only love from me to you
And you know it won't be long
This bird has flown Norwegian Wood
We listen to your songs
Thanks John -- rock on

We can work it out
Although we twist and shout
Cause I know there's a place
Oh I've just seen a face
We all carry the weight

Oh she said she said
Across the Universe
The things we said today
Don't let me down
When I call your name
Tell me what you see
No Reply oh not a second time

The word is love I know
We'll be when I get home
So all together now

Thanks John -- rock on
Thanks John)
+ 1992 CD Rock Juice National Records NAT-030-2
Album CoverAlbum CoverAlbum Cover
Ian Cussick, Heiko Effertz, Max Cohen
- Coverbeats
Not A Second Time
+ 2010 10CD Wish We Were The Beatles: A Tribute To The Beatles Greatest Hits Membran 33083
Album Cover
Ian Cussick
Not a Second Time
+ 2009 Wish We Were The Beatles – A Tribute To With The Beatles
Album Cover
Johann HeltonNot A Second Time
+ 2009 Counting The Stars JoTown Records / CDbaby
Album Cover
Magic ArmNot A Second Time
+ 2013 CD VA We're With The Beatles - Their Classic Second Album Covered Mojo Magazine August 2013 #237NF^JL-PM^
Mel MacKaronNot A Second Time
+ 2001 – 2008 The Last Living Argonaut Mel Mackaron
Album Cover
Mr Curt EnsembleNot A Second Time
+ 2009 Across Their Universe: Lowbudget Records Does The Songs Of The Beatles Catapult*^JL-PM^
Northern Spys (Ted Reynaud and The Northern Spys)Not A Second Time
PretendersNot A Second Time
+ 1990 Single Never Do That
+ 2006 Pirate Radio
R. Stevie MooreNot A Second Time
+ 1978
+ 2009 The NorthSpunky Monkey Music
Album Cover
Robert PalmerNot A Second Time
+ 1994 VA Shared Vision: The Songs Of The Beatles - 1980 Clues
+ 2005 The Very Best Of The Island Years Island
Album Cover
Roseanne CashNot A Second Time
+ 2002 CD Right or Wrong / Seven Year Ache Raven RVCD 129
Album Cover
SmithereensNot A Second Time
+ 2007 Meet The Smithereens! - Meet The Beatles! album*^JL-PM^
Steve 'Boltz' BoltonNot A Second Time
+ 2012 The Beatles Complete On Ukulele – With The Beatles
Album Cover
Terje RypdalNot A Second Time
+ 1995 VA Guitar Tribute To The Beatles: Come Together Vol 2 - NYC Records Germany - NYC 6014 2*^JL-PM^
TsugulingNot A Second Time

Album Cover
Two Of UsNot A Second Time
+ With The Beatles: An Acoustic Tribute To The Beatles Scrapple Records*^JL-PM^

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