I'll Be Back – 89 covers
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Written By John Lennon and Paul McCartney

I'll Be Back written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
On 1964 LP Beatles '65 (US)
The Beatles - I'll Be Back + 1964 LP Beatles '65 Capitol T 2228 (US)

Album Cover Album Cover

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Austin All Stars I'll Be Back
+ 1982 LP The Austin All Stars Felicity Records NF ^JL-PM^
Barbara Dickson I'll Be Back
+ 2007 CD Nothing's Gonna Change My World Decca – 2011 Chariot! – 2006 Universal – 2006 Digital Decca / Universal * ^JL-PM^
Beatlegras I'll Be Back
+ 2007 Beatlegras Vol. 2 Gemidaco
Album Cover
Beatles Tribute Band I'll Be Back
+ 2008 A Tribute To The Beatles Vol. 3 Politur
+at Strange Brew, Lounge Side
* ^JL-PM^
Bee Gees I'll Be Back
* ^JL-PM^
Bee Gees I'll Be Back
(If I Fell + I Need You + I'll Be Back + This Boy)
* ^JL-PM^
Bounty Killer Featuring Colin Roach I'll Be Back
+ 1997
+ Digital Ghetto Gramma – Album Greensleeves Records / iTunes
* ^JL-PM^
Britain's Finest I'll Be Back
+ live from the 2014 Beatles Fair at the Queen Bee's Art and Cultural Center in San Diego, California *
BTJ I'll Be Back
+ 2000 The Ultimate Tribute
+ 2006 CD BTJ Perform The Beatles The Ultimate Tribute Cedar GFS401 (UK)
Buckinghams I'll Be Back
+ 1967
+ 2009 Time & Changes Columbia
+ 2002 Made In Chicago
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Charlie Byrd I'll Be Back
+ 1967 LP Hollywood Byrd Columbia
+ 2012 CD Brazilian Byrd/Hollywood Byrd Beat Goes On
Album Cover Album Cover
Chicago (Chicago Transit Authority) (CTA) (Dawayne Bailey) I'll Be Back
+ 1968
+ Dawayne Bailey - I played guitar for Bob Seger from 1983 to 1986 - then went on to play guitar for the band CHICAGO for a decade in the mid 80s to mid 90s
+ early Chicago covering Beatles in Hollywood bars in 1968 before they got signed to Columbia Records
+ Hear Here:
Chris Camacho I'll Be Back
+ 2005 CD Las Mejores Canciones Chillout: Homenaje a Los Beatles, Vol. 2 Beggars Banquet
+ 2006 CD VA A Tribute To The Beatles Chill Out Versions New Music International NMCD 1144 (Italy)
+ ???
* ^JL-PM^
Christian et Getro I'll Be Back
(Je suis revenu) (French) (Canada)
+ 1967 CanUSA NF ^JL-PM^
Cliff Richard I'll Be Back
+ 1967
+ 2002 Don't Stop Me Now
* ^JL-PM^
Conjunto Night Stars I'll Be Back
(Eu Sei) (Portuguese) [F]
+ 7inch single Orfeu ATEP 6193 (Portugal)
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Curtis Salgado I'll Be Back
+ 2004
+ Strong Suspicion
* ^JL-PM^
Dave Morgan I'll Be Back
+ was only available as a free download on his website NF ^JL-PM^
Dwight Twilley I'll Be Back
+ 2009 The Beatles * ^JL-PM^
Dyna Souls I'll Be Back
+ LP Pinoy Beatles Vol. 2 Fame LPS-098 * ^JL-PM^
El Amor I'll Be Back
(Si Me Dejaras) (Spanish) [F]
+ 1971
+ 2001 CD VA Los clásicos de los Beatles en español EMI Records
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Elliott Smith I'll Be Back
* ^JL-PM^
Errol Dunkley I'll Be Back
(You Never Know (I'll Be Back))
+ Mellow Dubmarine double album featuring reggae covers of various Beatles songs
- A handful of Wings, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison solo tracks are also featured. The tracks compiled were apparently recorded between the late 1960s and 2000
+ 2001 Reggae Fine-Tribute To The Beatles Reggae Style
* ^JL-PM^
Fab Five Band I'll Be Back
+ 2008 Sing The Beatles (Vocal Cover Versions) Zip Music * ^JL-PM^
Fab Four I'll Be Back
+ @ The HOP on 2-20-2005
* ^JL-PM^
Fabulous Paragons I'll Be Back
(I Want To Go Back)
+ 1967 ^JL-PM^
Firefall (Firefall Acoustic) I'll Be Back
+ 2007 CD Colorado To Liverpool: A Tribute To the Beatles Winged Horse Music – 2008 RRO Entertainment * ^JL-PM^
Frightened Trees (Plagues side project) I'll Be Back
+ Lansing MI
+ 7inch single
* ^JL-PM^
Gene Clark I'll Be Back
+ Live * ^JL-PM^
Giambelli Rolando I'll Be Back
(Cos' Hai) (Italian) [F]
+ 1968 Gli Italiani Cantano I Beatles * ^JL-PM^
Glen Burtnik and Randy Jackson I'll Be Back
+ Atlanta's Red Light Cafe. September 15th, 2007 * ^JL-PM^
Golden Earring I'll Be Back
+ 1995
+ 2005 VA CD Revolution: A Rock & Roll Tribute To The Beatles
+ 1995 CD Golden Earring: Love Sweat
* ^JL-PM^
Hal Bruce I'll Be Back
+ In My Life?
+ MP3 Sound Clips Samples at:
Heiko Efferts I'll Be Back
+ 2009 Wish We Were The Beatles - A Tribute To A Hard Day's Night Documents NF ^JL-PM^
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass I'll Be Back
+ 1969 The Brass Are Comin' A&M SP 4228 * ^JL-PM^
Hollyridge Strings I'll Be Back
+ 1964 LP The Beatles Songbook Vol. 2 Capitol ST 2202 * ^JL-PM^
Home Grown I'll Be Back
+ 2002 Reunion * ^JL-PM^
Jeff Rolka I'll Be Back
+ 2007 I'm Only Sleeping NF ^JL-PM^
Jim Harrison Band I'll Be Back
+ 2007 The Music Of The Beatles Music 4License * ^JL-PM^
Johnny Mann Singers I'll Be Back
+ 1964 LP Beatle Ballads Liberty LST 7391 / LRP 7391 * ^JL-PM^
Johnny Rivers I'll Be Back
+ 2004 * ^JL-PM^
Johnny Simon Band I'll Be Back
+ A Tribute To The Beatles, Vol. 1 * ^JL-PM^
Joshua Rifkin I'll Be Back
(Chorale: You Know, If You Break My Heart)
+ 1965
+ Forever Changing: The Golden Age Of Elektra Records 1963-1973
* ^JL-PM^
Kyle Richards and the TM Collective I'll Be Back
+ 2015 Legalize Theme
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Les Chanceliers I'll Be Back
(Pour vous) (French) (Canada) [F]
+ 1966 7inch single Miracle MIR-1304 (Canada) NF ^JL-PM^
Les Fradkin I'll Be Back
+ 2007
+ Ticket To A Remix Universe
+ 2005 Something For George PRO
* ^JL-PM^
Lincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues I'll Be Back
+ Lincoln Mayorga And Distinguished Colleagues 40th Anniversary Edition Volumes I, II, III * ^JL-PM^
Lost Weekend I'll Be Back
+ 2004 The Art Of Wasting Time NF ^JL-PM^
Lydia Gray I'll Be Back
+ 2008 In My Eyes Bliss Tavern Music
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
M.P.B. I'll Be Back
+ 2008 Beatles Songs A Hard Day's Night Music 4License * ^JL-PM^
Mad Professor I'll Be Back
+ 2013 HEMP! Tributo Reggae a The Beatles vol .2 * ^JL-PM^
Meatles I'll Be Back
+ 2000 Beat The Meatles
+ at a small pub in Japan
* ^JL-PM^
Mike Massé featuring Jeff Hall I'll Be Back
(Things We Said Today + I'll Be Back)
+ 2012
+ 2009 May 4, 2009-Live @ Pie Pizzeria-Salt Lake City UT
* ^JL-PM^
Mike Ringler I'll Be Back
+ 2005 Walking On Abbey Road NF ^JL-PM^
MonaLisa Twins I'll Be Back
+ Live * ^JL-PM^
Nicki Richards I'll Be Back
+ 2012 The Beatles Complete On Ukulele – A Hard Days Night NF ^JL-PM^
Nicol & Marsh I'll Be Back
+ 1978 LP Nicol And Marsh
+ 2010 Pop Power Vol. 3 A Tribute To The Beatles
* ^JL-PM^
Now Generation I'll Be Back
(You Never Know (I'll Be Back))
+ 2004 3 CD Trojan Beatles Tribute Sanctuary Records * ^JL-PM^
Original Hit Makers I'll Be Back
+ 2009 Sing It Like An Idol: The Beatles, Vol. 2 Digital Revolution NF ^JL-PM^
Papa Doo Run Run I'll Be Back
+ 2008 CD Greenifornia Blue Pacifica * ^JL-PM^
Paragons I'll Be Back
+ 1998
++ 2010 The Paragons - Sing The Beatles And Bob Dylan VP Records
* ^JL-PM^
Pat Dinizio (Smithereens) I'll Be Back
+ 2005 Pat DiNizio: This Is Pat DiNizio
+ at ZIA Records Las Vegas. With Kenny Howes and Nate Stalfa March 24, 2012
* ^JL-PM^
Pedro Guasti I'll be Back
+ 2007 Living With The Beatles Little Parrot * ^JL-PM^
Peter Randall And The Raindogs (William Peter Randall) I'll Be Back
+ 1994 Peter Randall And The Raindogs NF ^JL-PM^
Peter Schickele And His Orchestra I'll Be Back
+ 1969 LP Good-Time Ticket Vanguard VSD-6517 (US) (Canada) * ^JL-PM^
Quests I'll Be Back
(Aku Kembali Lagi) (Indonesian) [F]
+ 1993 CD The Exotic Beatles - Part One Exotica Records PELE 3CD (UK)
+ 60's Malaysian band called The Quests, covering The Beatles "I'll Be Back" in the Malay language, broadcast on BFBS from 24th July 1993.
* ^JL-PM^
R. Stevie Moore I'll Be Back
+ 1975
+ 2009 R. Stevie Moore Plays Songs By The Beatles HP Music
* ^JL-PM^
Rangzen I'll Be Back
+ 2006 A Beatles Tribute: Rangzen Live At The Abbey Road Studios - 2011 CD Matteo De Angeli * ^JL-PM^
Rangzen I'll Be Back
(Live Repertorio: A Day In The Life + A Hard Day's Night + And Your Bird Can Sing + Ask Me Why + Baby's In Black + Back In The Ussr + Bad Boy + Birthday + Blackbird + Can Not Buy Me Love + Come Together + Day Tripper + Dear Prudence + Dig A Pony + Do Not Bother Me + Do Not Let Me Down + Dr Robert + Drive My Car + Eight Days A Week + Get Back + Getting Better + Glass Onion + Golden Slumbers + Got To Get You Into My Life + Happiness Is A Warm Gun + Help! + Helter Skelter + Here Comes The Sun + Hey Bulldog + Honey Do Not + I Am The Walrus + I Call Your Name + I Do Not Want To Spoil The Party+ I Feel Fine + I Got A Woman + I Saw Her Standing There + I Should Have Known Better + I Wanna Be Your Man + I Want To Hold Your Hand + I Want You + I'll Be Back + I'll Cry Instead + If I Fell + If I Needed Someone + I'm A Loser + I'm Down + I'm Looking Trough You + It Won't Be Long + I've Got A Feeling + I've Just Seen A Face + Kansas City + Love Me Do + Love You To + Lucy In The Skies With Diamonds+ Magical Mystery Tour + Matchbox + Mother Nature Son + Nowhere Man + Old Brown Shoe + One After 909 + Paperback Writer + Penny Lane + Please Please Me + Polythene Pam + Rain + Revolution + Rock And Roll Music + Roll Over Beethoven + Run For Your Life + Sgt Pepper's (Reprise) + Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band + She Came In Trough The Bathroom ... + She Loves You + She Said She Said + She's A Woman + Slow Down + Some Other Guy + Strawberry Fields Forever + Taxman + Tell Me What You See + Thank'you Girl + The End + The Night Before + The Word + Things We Said Today + This Boy + Ticket To Ride + Tomorrow Never Knows + Twist And Shout + We Can Work It Out + What Goes On + When I Get Home + With A Little Help From My Friend + Yer Blues + You Can Not Do That + You Know My Name + You Really Got A Hold On Me + You're Going To Lose That Girl + You've To Hide Your Love Away)
Renato & His Blue Caps I'll Be Back
(Cos' Hai) (Portuguese) [F]
+ 1965 LP Isto É Renato E Seus Blue Caps CBS 37433 (Brazil) – CD Columbia 746 042/2-46343 (Brazil) * ^JL-PM- Renato Barros^
Roger Nichols And The Small Circle Of Friends I'll Be Back
+ 1968
+2002 Roger Nichols & The Small Circle Of Friends A&M
* ^JL-PM^
Rolando Giambelli I'll Be Back
(Eu Sei) (Portuguese)
+ 1968 Gli Italiani Cantano I Beatles NF ^JL-PM- Renato Barros^
Shawn Colvin I'll Be Back
+ 2004 Polaroids: A Greatest Hits Collection Columbia
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Sly & Robie Meet The Paragons I'll Be Back
+ 1981 * ^JL-PM^
Stars On 45 I'll Be Back
(Medley: Intro Venus + Sugar Sugar + No Reply + I'll Be Back + Drive My Car + Do You Want To Know A Secret + We Can Work It Out + I Should Have Known Better + Nowhere Man + You're Going To Lose That Girl + Stars On 45)
+ see Stars On 45 (Starsound) No Reply for additional information ^JL-PM^
Starsound I'll Be Back
(Stars on 45 + No Reply + I'll Be Back + Drive My Car + Do You Want to Know a Secret + We Can Work It Out + I Should Have Known Better + Nowhere Man + You're Going to Lose That Girl + Ticket to Ride + The Word + Eleanor Rigby + Every Little Thing + And Your Bird Can Sing + Get Back + Eight Days A Week + It Won't Be Long + Daytripper + Wait + Good Day Sunshine + My Sweet Lord + Here Comes The Sun + While My Guitar Gently Weeps + Taxman + A Hard Day's Night + Things We Said Today + If I Fell + You Can't Do That + Please Please Me + From Me to You + I Want to Hold Your Hand + Stars on 45)
Steven King I'll Be Back
(Instrumental) (Solo Guitar)
+ CD 3Beatle-ing! ^JL-PM^
Studio 99 I'll Be Back
+ 2006 - 2014 Studio 99 Performs A Tribute To The Beatles Air Music * ^JL-PM^
Susan & The Surftones (S&ST) I'll Be Back
+ 2009 CD S&St Play the Beatles - Volume 2 The Dear Prudence Sessions Acme Brothers Records 884502258455
Album Cover
Thurston Lava Tube I'll Be Back
+ 2007 Me Ka Nahuku Cordelia Records * ^JL-PM^
Top Of The Pops (The Top of the Poppers) (Top of the Poppers) (Top of the Tots) I'll Be Back
(Stars On 45 medley includes No Reply + I'll Be Back + Drive My Car + Do You Want To Know A Secret + We Can Work It Out + I Should Have Known Better + Nowhere Man + You're Gonna Lose That Girl)
+ This is not a real artist or group, but an anonymous cover versions project cleverly using the name of the famous BBC chart show, which had not been trademarked. Between 1968 and 1985, ninety-two compilations (plus annual and special editions with extra tracks), mainly consisting of sound-alike versions of UK chart hits - a total of ca. 1200 - were released under the TotP monikers.
+ 1981 LP Top Of The Pops Vol. 86 Hallmark Records SHM 3080 (UK)
Album Cover
Triflers with special guest Tristano Giambelli I'll Be Back + Notte bianca di Toscolano Maderno - 23/07/2011 * ^JL-PM^
Two Of Us I'll Be Back
+ 2009 A Hard Day's Night An Acoustic Tribute To The Beatles Scrapple Records * ^JL-PM^
UB40 I'll Be Back
+ 2008 TwentyFourSeven * ^JL-PM^
Ultimate Beatles Cover Band I'll Be Back
+ More Beatles Gold * ^JL-PM^
Unknown (Karen Souza) I'll Be Back
+ 2008 CD Best Of Beatles Chill Out Tribute Vol.2 ????? ???? ? PreW2008-035 (Greece)
Album Cover Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Unknown Artist I'll Be Back
+ 2CD Chill Out Tribute To Beatles Planet Works S.A. / Capitol Records / Nubis-EMI S.A. 206081 2 (Greece) ^JL-PM^
Wellington Strings I'll Be Back
(No Reply + I'll Be Back)
+ 1977 LP Happiness Is A Ride On The Merry Go Round Pelican SE 1008 (US)
Album Cover Album Cover Album Cover
Wes Montgomery I'll Be Back
+ 1968 * ^JL-PM^
White Flag I'll Be Back
+ 2014 Rocklands Empty Records * ^JL-PM^
Yellow Matter Custard I'll Be Back
+ 2003 2CD / DVD One Night In New York City Radiant Records
- BEATLES cover band consisting of Paul Gilbert (RACER X, ex-MR. BIG) on guitar, Mike Portnoy (DREAM THEATER) on drums, Neal Morse (ex-SPOCK'S BEARD) on guitar and keyboards, and Matt Bissonette (DAVID LEE ROTH) on bass
* ^JL-PM^

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