Her Majesty – 37 covers
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Written By John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Her Majesty written by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon–McCartney)
On Abbey Road Apple Records
The Beatles - Her Majesty + 1969 LP Abbey Road Apple (UK) (US)

Album Cover Album Cover Album Cover

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Beatallica Her Majesty
+ 2013 Abbey Load - band that attempts to meld the material of Metallica and the Beatles [T] * ^JL-PM^
Beatles Recovered Band Her Majesty
+ 2011 30 Beatles Top Hits Toolboxx Records ^JL-PM^
Blake Tedder Her Majesty
+ 2007 Rosemont Studio Sessions NF ^JL-PM^
Brian Sewell Her Majesty
+ 1993 The Exotic Beatles Exotica +
John Peel playing a track from English art critic, Brian Sewell, who is reading The Beatles "Her Majesty" lyrics, broadcast on BFBS on 17th July 1993
* ^JL-PM^
Charlie Byrd Her Majesty
+ 1970 LP Let It Be Columbia CS 1053 (US) (Canada)
+ LP Let It Be Columbia SBP 233840 (US)
Album Cover
Chumbawamba Her Majesty
(Additional Lyrics)
+ 2002 * ^JL-PM- Alice Nutter, Neil Ferguson, Jude Abbott, Harry Hamer, Danbert Nobacon, Dunstan Bruce, Lou Watts, Boff Whalley ^
Dave Matthews Her Majesty
??????????? ? ^JL-PM^
D-Cups Her Majesty
+ 1993 Desert Beetles NF ^JL-PM^
Devil's Rubato Band Her Majesty
+ CD Gustav Peter Wohler Plays Abbey Road Gema
+ Hidden Track
Album Cover
Double Fantasy Her Majesty
+ 2009 A New Abbey Road * ^JL-PM^
Dread Zeppelin Her Majesty
(Golden Slumbers + Carry That Weight + The End)
+ 1996 CD The Fun Sessions - Tortelvis Sings The Classics Imago 72787-23004-2 (US)
+ 1996 CD The Fun Sessions - Tortelvis Sings The Classics Cash Cow Records FS5006 (US)
+ 2003 CDr The Fun Sessions - Tortelvis Sings The Classics CD-Real CDREAL0304524 Unofficial (Russia)
Album Cover
Eddie Vedder Her Majesty
(Her Majesty + State Trooper)
* ^JL-PM^
Eric Roza Her Majesty + 2005 Moving Slowly * ^JL-PM^
Fab Faux Her Majesty
(Abbey Road Medley: You Never Give Me Your Money + Sun King + Mean Mr. Mustard + Polythene Pam + She Came In Through The Bathroom Window + Golden Slumbers + Carry That Weight + The End + Her Majesty)
+ 2014 – Beatle Week, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool IN STUDIO RECORDING [T] * ^JL-PM^
Great Big Sea Her Majesty
+ live on 17 June 2012 in Cambridge, Ontario NF ^JL-PM^
Hampton String Quartet Her Majesty
+ 2008 The Off White Album Mona Lisa Sound, Ltd * ^JL-PM^
Hugo Omar Viggiano Her Majesty
* ^JL-PM^
Jason Berk & Friends Her Majesty
(Abbey Road Medley: Golden Slumbers + Carry That Weight + You Never Give Me your Money + The End + Her Majesty)
+ The grand finale of Jason Berk's Senior Recital, Feb. 8th 2015 * ^JL-PM^
Johnny Simon Band Her Majesty
+ A Tribute To The Beatles, Vol. 2 *
Jon Albrink Her Majesty
+ 2012 The Beatles Complete On Ukulele – Abbey Road NF ^JL-PM^
Les Boreades de Montreal Her Majesty
+ 2007 CD Beatles Baroque, Vol. 3 ATMA Classique 2361 * ^JL-PM^
Low Anthem Her Majesty
+ 2009 Mojo Magazine Issue No. 191 Abbey Road Now * ^JL-PM^
Off Our Rocker Her Majesty
(Abbey Road Medley: Golden Slumbers + Carry That Weight + The End + Her Majesty)
+ Overtime * ^JL-PM^
Peter Combe Her Majesty
+ 2003
+ 2007 Songs From A Telephone Box Peter Combe Music
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Residents Her Majesty
(Beyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life: A Day in the Life + The End + Lady Madonna + A Hard Day's Night + Tell Me What You See + Her Majesty + Tell Me Why + I Am the Walrus + Blue Jay Way + Can't Buy Me Love + Another Girl + All I've Got to Do + All My Loving + Girl + In My Life + Yellow Submarine + I Want to Hold Your Hand + No Reply + I'm a Loser + Mr. Moonlight + Love You To + She Loves You + Hey Bulldog)
+ 1977 7inch single The Beatles Play The Residents And The Residents Play The Beatles Ralph Records RR0577 (US) * ^JL-PM^
Richie Castellano Her Majesty
(Golden slumbers + Carry That Weight + The End + Her Majesty)
* ^JL-PM^
Scenario Her Majesty
+ 2007 Jazz The Beatles Organic Music * ^JL-PM^
Sex Pistols Her Majesty
????????????????????? ? ^JL-PM^
Silver Beetles Her Majesty
+ 2009 A Tribute To The Beatles '2' Toolboxx Records – Tribute band, not early Beatles + 2013 Biggest Hits Box Set (46 Classic Hits Tribute to the Beatles and Wings) Toolboxx Records [T] * ^JL-PM^
Steven King Her Majesty
+ CD Beatle-ing 4 ^JL-PM^
Tok Tok Tok Her Majesty
+ 1999
+ 2005 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
+ 2005 I Wish
* ^JL-PM^
Transatlantic Her Majesty
(Suite Charlotte Pike Medley: If She Runs + You Never Give Me Your Money + Mr. Wonderful + Mean Mr. Mustard + Polythene Pam + She Came in Through the Bathroom Window + Temple of the Gods + Motherless Children / If She Runs (Reprise) + Golden Slumbers + Carry That Weight + The End + Her Majesty)
+ 2003 DVD Live in Europe * ^JL-PM^
Twilight Singers (Greg Dulli) Her Majesty
+ 2005 LP She Loves You Birdman Records bmr 071 (US)
Album Cover Album Cover
Waybacks Her Majesty
(Carry That Weight + Her Majesty + The End)
+ Merlefest Hillside Album Hour 2010: Abbey Road * ^JL-PM^
White Wives Her Majesty
+ 2013 Cassette Howls For Sade Lock And Key Collective no number
Album Cover
Yellow Dubmarine Her Majesty
+2011 Abbey Dub: A Reggae Beatles Tribute Gold Lion Records / MRI
+ at the House of Blues, Dallas, TX on May 9, 2012
* ^JL-PM^
Yellow Matter Custard Her Majesty
+ 2011 One More Night In New York City ^JL-PM^

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