For No One – 149 covers
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Written By John Lennon and Paul McCartney

For No One written by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon–McCartney) On LP Revolver
The Beatles - For No One + 1966 LP Revolver Parlophone PMC 7009 (UK) – Capitol ST 2576 (US)

Album Cover

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1960s Karaoke Band For No One
+ 2008 The Beatles 1966 Karaoke Songbook Singsongs LTD * ^JL-PM^
Abbey Road Players For No One
(Singalong Version)
+ 2009 60s British Invasion Big Eye Music * ^JL-PM^
Abbey Road Players For No One
+ 2009 60s British Invasion Big Eye Music * ^JL-PM^
akiko (Agatha Akiko Iwasa) For No One
+ 2014 * ^JL-PM^
akiko (Agatha Akiko Iwasa) For No One
(Don't Let Me Down + You Can't Do That/Berimbau + For No One + Cry Baby Cry)
+ 2015 * ^JL-PM^
Amy Slattery For No One
* ^JL-PM^
Andrea Marcovicci For No One
+ 2000 CD Here There & Everywhere Cabaret Records
Album Cover
Ann Burton For No One
+ 1972
+ 1978 LP Ann Burton Sings For Lovers And Other Strangers CBS 53057 (Netherlands)
Album Cover Album Cover
Ann Dyer & The No Good Time Fairies For No One
+ 1999 Revolver: A New Spin Premonition Records
+ DirecTV Music Hall - São Paulo - 2001
* ^JL-PM^
Anne Sofie von Otter with Elvis Costello For No One
+ 2001 For The Stars DG Deutsche Grammophon * ^JL-PM^
Arjen Lucassen (Arjen Anthony Lucassen) (Ayreon) (? on disc) For No One
+ 1996 CD Strange Hobby Transmission Records TM-006 (Netherlands)
+ 2005 CD Strange Hobby Transmission Records no number (Russia)
+ 1996 CD Strange Hobby Aluca Music ALM001CD (UK) (Europe)
+ 1996 CD single Pictures Of Matchstick Men Transmission Records TMS-007 (Netherlands)
Album Cover Album Cover Album Cover Album Cover Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Aureole Trio For No One
+ 2009 The Beautiful BeatlesE1 Music International Classics * ^JL-PM^
Barbara Casini Quartet For No One
+ 1998
+ 2009 Stasera Beatles Philology
* ^JL-PM^
Beatallica For No One
(For Horsemen)
+ 2007 Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band band that attempts to meld the material of Metallica and the Beatles [T] * ^JL-PM^
Beats (Argentina) For No One
+ 2003 Take One * ^JL-PM^
Blackwater Park For No One
+ 1971 Dirt Box * ^JL-PM^
Bobby Eaglesham For No One
+ 1999 2CD VA All You Need Is Covers – The Songs Of The Beatles Castle Music NEECD 309 (UK) * ^JL-PM^
Bozo Allegro For No One
+ 1998 CD The Revolver Suite Marx Music 0823-2 (US)
Album Cover Album Cover Album Cover
Brazilian Tropical Orchestra For No One
+ 1990 CD Plays The Beatles In Bossa Nova Movieplay Music BS 207 (Brazil) * ^JL-PM^
Caetano Veloso For No One
+ 1975
+ 2011 Beatles Mania By Beatrice Ardisson
+ 1997 Qualquer Coisa
* ^JL-PM^
Carol Noonan For No One
+ 2008 CD Blackbird: The Music Of Lennon And McCartney Sony BMG Music Entertainment 88697394382 (Australia) * ^JL-PM^
CCC For No One
(Close to No One)
+ 2005 Revolved NF ^JL-PM^
Charlie Landsborough For No One
(Medley: For No One + Here Comes The Sun + Things We Said Today)
+ 2014 CD Here, There And Everywhere * ^JL-PM^
Chastity Brown For No One
+ 2012 Minnesota Beatle Project - Vol. 4 * ^JL-PM^
Chet Atkins For No One
+ 1967
+ It's A Guitar World
* ^JL-PM^
Cilla Black For No One
+ 1966
+ 1999 The Essential 1963-1978
* ^JL-PM^
Connie Evingson For No One
+ 2003 Let it Be Jazz - Connie Evingson Sings The Beatles Minnehaha Music NF ^JL-PM^
Coverbeats For No One
+ 2010 10CD Wish We Were The Beatles: A Tribute To The Beatles Greatest Hits Membran 33083
+ 2009 A Tribute To the Beatles Vol. 5 Politur

Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
David Lanz featuring Gary Stroutsos, Walter Gray & Keith Lowe For No One
+ 2012 CD Here Comes The Sun Blind Man Sound / Moon Boy Music
* ^JL-PM^
Debbie Deane For No One
+ 2007 2CD VA Step Inside Love - A Jazzy Tribute To The Beatles ESC Records ESC 03719-2 (Germany)
Album Cover Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Diana Krall For No One
+ 2009 Quiet Nights [Bonus Track] NF ^JL-PM^
Diana Krall With James Taylor For No One
+ Live * ^JL-PM^
Don Angle For No One
+ 1999 CD Harpsichord Magic Afka NF ^JL-PM^
Don Randi Trio For No One
+ 1966 LP Revolver Jazz Reprise Records R-6229 / RS-6229 (US) (Canada) NF ^JL-PM^
Dreamland For No One
+ 1996 The Spirit Of Lennon & McCartney REL NF ^JL-PM^
Eddie Smets (Louis Neefs pseudoniem) For No One
????????????? ? ^JL-PM^
Elliott Smith For No One
+ 1997-11-14 Live at La Luna-Portland OR * ^JL-PM^
Emmylou Harris For No One
+ 1995 Pieces Of The Sky * ^JL-PM^
Farewell Drifters For No One
+ 2010 Yellow Tag Mondays
+ live at the Hotel Oregon in McMinnville, Oregon on 2/18/2012
* ^JL-PM^
Floyd Cramer For No One
+ 1967 LP Class of '67 RCA Victor LSP-3827 * ^JL-PM^
Floyd Domino For No One
+ Baby Road * ^JL-PM^
Francis Cabrel For No One
+ 2012 Digital Fab Forever Tandem.Mu
+ 2012 CD Fab Forever DSA
Gaetana Veloso For No One
+ 1975 Qualquer Coisa * ^JL-PM^
Gary Smart For No One
+ 1998 CD Beatle Jazz Intersound Records NF ^JL-PM^
Giacomo Bondi For No One
+ 2007 A Lounged Out Homage To The Beatles Sunswept Music
+ 2005 - 2008 The Blue Lounge Presents The Lennon And McCartney Songbook Delta
* ^JL-PM^
Gregorian For No One
+ 2008 * ^JL-PM^
Hal Bruce For No One  
+Beatleweek 2013
+ MP3 Sound Clips Samples at:
* ^JL-PM^
Hill-Wiltschinsky Guitar Duo For No One
+ 1966 All-Time Favorite Songs Of The Beatles Vol. 3 Capitol
+1966 Classic Beatles EMI-Capitol Special Markets / CEMA Special Markets
Ian McCulloch For No One
+ 2014 Art Of McCartney is a tribute album [Best Buy exclusive] * ^JL-PM^
Inishkea For No One
+ 2006 Pan Pipes Play The BeatlesMusic Masters * ^JL-PM^
Ipanema Beach Orchestra For No One
+ 2000 CD Lennon & McCartney In The Bossa Nova Style Beautiful Music Collection (BMC) / Beautiful Music NF ^JL-PM^
Itchycoo Park For No One
+ Gardenhall Inn * ^JL-PM^
J J Appleton For No One
+ 2012 The Beatles Complete On Ukulele – Revolver * ^JL-PM^
Janis Siegel and Fred Hersch For No One
+ 1995
+ Slow Hot Wind
* ^JL-PM^
Jeff Rolka For No One + 2007 I'm Only Sleeping NF ^JL-PM^
Joe Fagin For No One
+ 1983
+ As Time Goes By
* ^JL-PM^
Joe Jackson For No One
+ 2000 - Live performances on Night and Day II Sony Music Distribution
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Joemy Wilson For No One
+ 1989
+ 1993 CD Beatles On Hammered Dulcimer Dargason
* ^JL-PM^
John Di Martino's Romantic Jazz Trio For No One
+ 2012 LP The Beatles In Jazz 2 VHJD-80
+ 2012 CD The Beatles In Jazz 2 VHCD-1071
+ Recorded at Tedesco Studio in New York on October 8 & 9, 2011
John Pizzarelli For No One
+ 1999 John Pizzarelli Meets The Beatles RCA Victor
+ (John Pizzarelli; Martin Pizzarelli; Tony Tedesco; Sammy Figueroa; Ray H. Kennedy; Martin Agee; Sanford W. Allen; Avril Brown; Rick S. Dolan; Max Ellen; Barry Finclair; Evan Johnson; Karen Karlsrud; Katherine Naomi)
* ^JL-PM^
Johnny Flame (John Davis Of Superdrag) For No One
(Thank You Girl + I Should Have Known Better + Your Gonna Loose That Girl + Nowhere Man + Wait + Norwegian Wood + Rain + And Your Bird Can Sing + She Said + For No One + I'm Only Sleeping + Blue Jay Way + Happiness Is A Warm Gun + Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey + I'm So Tired + Helter Skelter + I Want You (She's So Heavy) + Don't Let Me Down)
+ Johnny Flame Sings The Beatles
+ 4-Track Home Recordings – 50 minutes
* ^JL-PM^
Jorge Queral For No One
(Karaoke Version)
* ^JL-PM^
Josephine For No One
+ Live at France-Inter radio, Le Fou du Roi June 2011 NF ^JL-PM^
Kameleoni For No One
+ 1966 Yugoslavia Meets The Beatles NF ^JL-PM^
Kati Noonan For No One
+ 2008 CD Blackbird: The Music Of Lennon And McCartney Spmu BMG Music Entertainment 88697394382 (Australia)
Album Cover Album Cover
Kim Liggett For No One
+ 2002 Shadow Of Your Smile NF ^JL-PM^
Kings For No One
+ 2004 CD VA It Was 40 Years Ago Today: Tribute To The Beatles Bullseye Records NF ^JL-PM^
Kit Walker For No One
+ 1997 CD The Music Of The Beatles (Here Comes The Sun) Nature Quest NQCD 25042 (US) NF ^JL-PM^
Konki Duet For No One
+ 2011 CD Beatles Mania Naiv * ^JL-PM^
Laurence Juber For No One
+ 2000 LJ Plays The Beatles Solid Air Records * ^JL-PM^
Laurens van Rooyen For No One
+ 1993 CD Romantic Beatle Ballads PolyGram Special Projects PSPN 93016-2 (Netherlands) * ^JL-PM^
Lee Felman For No One + 2005 The Beatles Complete On Ukulele NF ^JL-PM^
Leika & The Waiters For No One
+ 1995 CD Let It Be Indie (Japan) * ^JL-PM^
Leo Caruso & Club Mondrian For No One
+ 2013 Colores Primarios RGS Music *^JL-PM^
Les Boreades de Montreal For No One
+ 2002 Beatles Baroque, Vol. 2 ATMA Classique NF ^JL-PM^
Lesley Garrett For No One
(For No One/Blackbird)
+ 2001
+ Traveling Light
* ^JL-PM^
Let Hit Be For No One + 2002 The Beatles a Capella ^JL-PM^
Lettermen For No One
+ 1967
+ LP Warm Capitol
* ^JL-PM^
Liset For No One
+ 2006 Beatles In Bossa NF ^JL-PM^
Little Pattie For No One
+ VA Then and Now: Australia Salutes the Beatles Universal + from her TV special Off And Running (c.1967). * ^JL-PM^
Liverpool Band For No One
+ 2008 6CD Mi Tesor Musical YOYO USA, Inc. NF ^JL-PM^
Liz Menezes For No One
+ 2006
+ 2008 Bossa Grooves - Revisiting Beatles 1 Albatroz Music
Liza Minnelli For No One
+ 1968
+ 2008 Liza Minnelli - The Complete A & M Recordings
* ^JL-PM^
Lonely Hearts Club Players For No One
+ 2009 2CD A Salute To The Beatles Big Eye Music NF ^JL-PM^
Lonely Hearts Club Players For No One
(Singalong Version)
+ 2009 2CD A Salute To The Beatles Big Eye Music NF ^JL-PM^
Louis Van Dyke (Louis van Dijk) For No One
+ 1970 Louis Van Dyke Plays Lennon-McCartney * ^JL-PM^
Lullaby Orchestra For No One
+ 2004 2fer CD Beatles Songs For Babies – Melodias Para Arrullar Al Bebe Leader Music NF ^JL-PM^
Lydia Gray For No One
+ 2008 In My Eyes Bliss Tavern Music * ^JL-PM^
Maceo & All the King's Men (Maceo Parker) For No One
+ 1975 Funky Music Machine * ^JL-PM^
Magical Mystery Project For No One
+ A Tribute To The Beatles Vol. 1 – Karaoke iTunes NF ^JL-PM^
Magical Mystery Project For No One
(Karaoke Version)
+ A Tribute To The Beatles Vol. 1 – Karaoke iTunes NF ^JL-PM^
Manuel Moreira For No One
+ 30/11/2013 - Más Puro Verso - Montevideo, Uruguay * ^JL-PM^
Marc Lonchompt For No One
+ 2006 Everdreams * ^JL-PM^
Marc Reid For No One
+ 1966 7inch single CBS 202244 (UK)
Album Cover
Mario DaSilva For No One
+ 2007 Mario Dasilva Plays The Beatles For Everyone Rainbow at Midnight Records * ^JL-PM^
Marta Hugon For No One
+ 2011
* ^JL-PM^
Mary Foster Conklin For No One
+ 2016 CD Photographs Audio & Video Labs, Inc. / MockTurtle MT 00221
Album Cover Album Cover
Maura O'Connell For No One
+ 1991
A Real Life Story
* ^JL-PM^
Maureen McGovern For No One
(Things We Said Today + For No One)
+ 1992 CD [discontinued] Baby I'm Yours * ^JL-PM^
Michael Weston King For No One
+ 2007 Lover's A Cover Glitterhouse Records
+ 2006 Mojo Magazine Issue No. 152 Revolver Reloaded
* ^JL-PM^
Mike Melvoin For No One
+ 1966 LP Keys To Your Mind Liberty LST-7845 (US) – Liberty LBY 1356 (New Zealand)
Album Cover
Mike Sinatra For No One
+ 2013 Mike Sinatra Rendition * ^JL-PM^
Mostly Moptop For No One
+ at the Dix Hills Performing Arts Center, February 2013 * ^JL-PM^
Nicki Parrott and Ken Peplowski For No One
+ 2011 CD Fever The Best Of Nicki Parrott Venus Records VHCD-1058 (Japan)
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Nobuhide Saki For No One
+ 1990 CD VA All We Need Is Love Eastworld TOCT-5657 (Japan) NF ^JL-PM^
Octopus 4 For No One
((I Can't Get No) Satisfaction + Something's Dead + The Last Trombone Player + For No One + Much Ado About Nadine)
+ 1969 LP Confluents
+ French psych band
* ^JL-PM^
Ofra Harnoy For No One
(Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) + For No One)
+ 1996 Imagine (Beatles Classics For Cello And String Quartete) RCA Victor * ^JL-PM^
Overboard For No One
+ 2009 CD Help! CD Baby / Overboard * ^JL-PM^
Pablo Gonzales & Annalise Skovmand For No One
+ 1999 Things We Said Tomorrow NF ^JL-PM^
Pan Pipes For No One
+ 2006 The Beatles Ballads With Pan Pipes HHO Licensing ^JL-PM^
Pat Dinizio For No One
+ 2006 DiNizio * ^JL-PM^
Paton / James For No One
+ 2009Revolver
- Paton and James will cover every Beatles album. They have so far covered 7 albums and over 100 songs
Album Cover
Paul McCartney For No One
+ 1984 * ^JL-PM^
Paul Schwartz For No One
+ 1998
+ Revolution
* ^JL-PM^
Pedro Aznar For No One
* ^JL-PM^
Peter Calo For No One
+ 2002 CD Here Comes The Sun: An Instrumental Tribute To The Beatles North Star Music
Album Cover
Peter Hollestelle For No One + 1975 LP Hollestelle Poker PO 12002 (Netherlands)
Album Cover Album Cover Album Cover
Peter Mulvey For No One
+ 2002 * ^JL-PM^
Polito Ibáñez For No One
+ 2002 Here Comes El Son : Songs Of The Beatles With A Cuban Twist PMS * ^JL-PM^
Princeton Katzenjammers For No One
* ^JL-PM^
R.A.M. Pietsch feat. Mary Hopkin and Ian Cussick For No One
(For No One + Here, There And Everywhere)
+ 1988 LP Norwegian Wood SPV Records 09-8806 (Germany) * ^JL-PM^
Revolver Road Band For No One
+ 2009 A Salute To The Beatles Big Eye Music * ^JL-PM^
Rick Springfield For No One
+ 2005
+ 2011 CD The Essential Rick Springfield Legacy – RCA – Sony Legacy
+ 2005 The Day After Yesterday
Album Cover
Rickie Lee Jones For No One
+ 2000
+ It's Like This
* ^JL-PM^
Rildo Hora For No One
(full Album: Help - Carlos Malta + Something - Hamilton de Holanda + The Fool on the Hill - Paulo Sérgio Santos + Day Tripper - Henrique Cazes + Here There And Everywhere - Rildo Hora + Blackbird - Henrique Cazes e Marcello Gonçalves + While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Quarteto Maogani + When I´m Sixty-Four-Paulo Sérgio Santos + With a Little Help from My Friends - Henrique Caze + For No One - Rildo Hora + Eleanor Rigby - Hamilton de Holanda + The long and Winding Road - Carlos Mata) (Instrumental)
+ Beatles 'n' Choro - nº I * ^JL-PM^
Ripieno String Quartet For No One
+ 2006 CD The String Quartet Tribute To Paul McCartney's Greatest Hits Calvin Records * ^JL-PM^
Rock Heroes For No One
(Karaoke Version)
+ VA 100 Versions Of Beatles Songs
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Rock Heroes For No One
+ VA 100 Versions Of Beatles Songs
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Ronie Von For No One
(Minha Crença) (Portuguese) [F]
+ 1966 LP Ronnie Von Polydor LPNG-44.001 (Brazil) - 2014 CD Universal Music / Mercury 04400172322 (Brazil) * ^JL-PM^
Seidat For No One
(Se alkaa se päättyy) (Finish) [F]
+ Beatles Suomeksi - 100 ikimuistoista laulua iTunes + 1968 7inch single RCA Victor FAS 987 * ^JL-PM- Saukki-Rominen^
Sharon Tandy For No One
(The Fool On The Hill + For No One)
+ 1968 7inch single Atlantic 584166 b/w The Fool On The Hill * ^JL-PM^
Smart Baby For No One
+ Lullaby Renditions Of Beatles * ^JL-PM^
Smooth Times For No One
+ Beatles Chill Out RGS Music (Argentina) * ^JL-PM^
Spotnicks For No One
* ^JL-PM^
Stacey Wheal For No One
+ 2004 CD Bluebird Stacey Wheal
Album Cover
Stephanie De-Sykes For No One
+ 1975 LP Stephanie De-Sykes Bradley's Records BRADL 1009 (UK)
Album Cover
Steven King For No One
(Instrumental) (Solo Guitar)
+ CD Beatle-ing! ^JL-PM^
Sweet Little Band For No One
+ 2004 Babies Go Beatles Vol.2 RGS Music * ^JL-PM^
Swing Sisters For No One
+ Let It Be Swing * ^JL-PM^
Tapes 'n Tapes For No One
+ 2015 Digital VA Tomorrow Never Knows: A 50th Anniversary Tribute To The Beatles' Revolver Reimagine Music
Album Cover
* ^JL-PM^
Theodore Bikel For No One
+ 1969 LP A New Day Reprise Records RS 6348 (US)
Album Cover
Tom Grant For No One
+ 1997
+ Lip Service
* ^JL-PM^
Tony Trischka & The Big Dogs For No One
+ 2007 Live At The Birchmere * ^JL-PM^
Trio Rococo For No One
1994 CD Plays Beatles - Classical Mystery Tour Gefion Records GFO 20102 (Denmark) NF ^JL-PM^
Tulip For No One
+ 1976 LP All Because Of You Guys NF ^JL-PM^
Uakti For No One
+ 2012 CD Beatles Sonhos & Sons 9930427 (Brazil) * ^JL-PM^
Valley Downs For No One
+ 2005 VA International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 8
+ BBC Radio Merseyside for their appearance at the Cavern Club in Liverpool
* ^JL-PM^
Wesley Taylor For No One
+ 2002 CD The Beatles On Guitar MRA * ^JL-PM^
Yoyo International Orchestra For No One
+ 2006 The Love Songs Of The Beatles Instrumentals YOYO USA, Inc * ^JL-PM^

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