Don't Pass Me By – 32 covers
Last update: Monday, September 05, 2016
Written By Richard Starkey

Don't Pass Me By written by Richard Starkey
Released on The Beatles (The White Album) 1968 Apple
The Beatles - Don't Pass Me By + 1968 LP The Beatles Apple

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Airton Mugnainy Jr Don't Pass Me By + 2008 2CD Álbum Branco Discobertas ? DB-004 (Brazil) * ^RS^
Armenian Philharmonic – George Pehlivanian Don't Pass Me By + 1996 CD Beatles Symphonic – Volume 05 Paradoxx Music ?OXX 1304-1 (Brazil) NF ^RS^
Bobby Leclerc Don't Pass Me By
(Reste avec moi) (French) (Canada) [F]
+ 1970 Trans World NF ^RS^
Charlie Kuchler Don't Pass Me By
+ 2011 CD Instrumentally Yours Mangrove Swamp Records
Album Cover
* ^RS^
Charlie Kuchler Don't Pass Me By
+ 2009 Freshly Squeezed Mangrove Swamprecords
Album Cover
* ^RS^
Coal Mountain Ramblers Don't Pass Me By + 2008 Live In Concert Echoeseven Music Ltd
Album Cover
* ^RS^
Cosmic Dilemma Don't Pass Me By + ???? Performed live ^RS^
Deanne Iovan Don't Pass Me By + Every Nine Days * ^RS^
Esther Ofarim Don't Pass Me By + 1999 CD Mein Weg Zu Dir Mercury / Universal 5389812 NF ^RS^
Eugene Chadbourne Don't Pass Me By
(The Beatles Medley: Day Tripper + I've Just Seen A Face + Birthday + Don't Pass Me By + Octopus Garden + Taxman)
+ 1987 2LP 2CD LSDC&W - The History Of The Chadbournes In America Fyndamental SAVE 19/20 (UK) – SAVE 19 CD (Europe) – Cassette CAVE 19/20 (US) – 2007 2CDr self release (US)
Image Image
Field Music Don't Pass Me By + 2008 Mojo Magazine Issue No. 178 The White Album Recovered 1 * ^RS^
Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Don't Pass Me By
(Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand + Girl + Birthday + Don't Pass Me By)
+ 1987 - John Peel show on BBC Radio 1 * ^RS^
Georgia Satellites Don't Pass Me By + 1988
+ 2005 Open All Night Rhino/Elektra
+ 1993 Let It Rock, The Best Of The Georgia Satellites
Album Cover
* ^RS^
Glitterhick Don't Pass Me By + 2001 A Beatles Tribute CD / 10 Of The Florida's Hottest Bands NF ^RS^
Gourds Don't Pass Me By +Live- 03-24-99 Slim's San Francisco CA
+ Live at Jovita's Cantina on 2003-05-10
James Redmond Don't Pass Me By + 2009 The White (Christmas) Album
Album Cover
Jirí Schelinger Don't Pass Me By
(Namále mám) (Czech) [F]
+ 2014 Digital VA Check the Czechs! Beatles - International Songs in Czech Versions Supraphon * ^RS^
Kenny White Don't Pass Me By 2012 The Beatles Complete On Ukulele – The White Album pt 1
+ Live at the NJ state fair in Sussex County on August 11, 2010
Album Cover
* ^RS^
Lou Reid / Terry Baucom / Carolina Don't Pass Me By + 1993 Carolina Blue Webco Records 0143 * ^RS^
Mark Madison Don't Pass Me By + 2005
+ 2007 No Loitering Cascom Music
Album Cover
* ^RS^
Paleface Don't Pass Me By + 2004 It Was 40 Years Ago Today NF ^RS^
Paton / James Don't Pass Me By
+ 2005 The White Album
- Paton and James will cover every Beatles album. They have so far covered 7 albums and over 100 songs
Album Cover
Phish Don't Pass Me By + 2002
+ 2009 LivePhish, Vol. 13 10/31/94 (Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY) JEMP Records
Punkles Don't Pass Me By + 2003 (Japan) NF ^RS^
Ribeye Brothers Don't Pass Me By + 2002 If I Had A Hose… MeteorCity
Album Cover
Ringo Starr and The Roundheads Don't Pass Me By + 2005 Live
+ 2004 Tour 2003 KOCH Records
+ 1998 Ringo Starr VH1 Storytellers Island Def Jam + (Ringo Starr - Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band)
Album Cover Album Cover
* ^RS^
Rip It Ups Don't Pass Me By + 2007 CD VA Cape Cod Covers Vol. 2: The Beatles Sedgewick * ^RS^
Robyn Hitchcock And Heavy Friends (Morris Windsor, vocals) Don't Pass Me By + Concert appearance: Sat., 7 Aug.- Sun 8 Aug 2004 Three Kings Clerkenwell, England UK NF ^RS^
Stanley Maxwell Don't Pass Me By + Saturday, July 25, 2015 in Crowell Concert Hall at Wesleyan University's Center for the Arts in Middletown CT ^RS^
T-Bone Wolk Don't Pass Me By + 2002 CD VA The Blues White Album Telarc * ^RS^
Will Taylor & Strings Attached With Erik Hokkanen Don't Pass Me By + 2010 All Beatles Covers Vol. 1 ^RS^
Will Taylor and Strings Attached Don't Pass Me By + 2008 Beatles White Album Live Will Taylor and Strings Attached ^RS^

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