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Last update: Wednesday, August 02, 2017
Written By John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Richard Starkey

Dig It on the 1970 album Let It Be
Written by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Richard Starkey
The Beatles - Dig It + 1970 Let It Be Apple - EMI

The Beatles - Dig It (8 ½ minute version) + From the March 13th 1969 acetate made by Glynn Johns for the first try of the Get Back LP.
Lineup: John, George, Paul, Ringo, Billy Preston on piano and Yoko screaming in the background.

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Astronauta PingüimDig It
+ 2009 (Beatles 69, Vol. 01 - Get Back De Volta Aos Beatles)
+ Tube Masters, Vol. 1
+ SHORT VERSION – 1 Minute
Album Cover
Beth OrtonDig It
(I Me Mine + Dig It)
+ 2010 Mojo Magazine Issue No. 203 Let It Be RevisitedNF^JL-PM-GH-RS^
BoondawgleDig It
(I Me Mine + Dig It + Let It Be)
+ August 23, 2014 at the Route 20 Outhouse*^JL-PM-GH-RS^
Freddie PrideDig It
+ 2011 2CD Milestone - Fried Pride 10th Anniversary Best Album Victor Entertainment
Album Cover
GonersDig It + 2011, May 25 Let It Be @ California CafeNF^JL-PM-GH-RS^
Heiko EffertzDig It + Wish We Were The Beatles: A Tribute To Let It BeNF^JL-PM-GH-RS^
Heiko Effertz
Dig It
+ 2009 Wish We Were The Beatles – A Tribute To Let It Be
Album Cover
Jason ToynDig It
(Let It Be Album Cover: Two Of Us + Dig A Pony + Across The Universe + I Me Mine + Dig It + Let It Be + Maggie Mae + I've Got A Feeling + One After 909 + The Long And Winding Road + For You Blue + Get Back)

Album Cover
LaibachDig It + 1988
+ 1992 CD Let It Be Mute U.S.
Michael JacksonDig It
Monti BetonDig It + 2001 CD Let It Be Different Benton Music LSP 1707NF^JL-PM-GH-RS^
RabeatsDig It + 2005 DVD The Rabeats At The Olympia: Tribute To The Beatles / The rabeats à l'olympia - Tribute to the Beatles Ginger
Album CoverAlbum CoverAlbum CoverAlbum CoverAlbum CoverAlbum CoverAlbum CoverAlbum Cover Album CoverAlbum CoverAlbum CoverAlbum Cover
Sand, Water & WindDig It
+ 2013 Jazz Beatles Tribute (Replayed & Reconstructed) Funky Juice records
Album Cover
Sophia RamosDig It + 2012 The Beatles Complete On Ukulele – Let It Be
Album Cover
TsugulingDig It

Album Cover

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